Beyond Religion

July 2nd, 2009

Salaam all,

Moving has come of age, and we feel its timely to move out of the box of religion (with no intention to return), and trod forward into the realms of truth. Remaining guided by the Quran, we are probing into the sciences to discover and understand more of the Creator and His creations.

A new section has been created on our website, which we named as “Beyond Religion”.

This section will deal mainly with scientific discoveries of our times, which appear to paint a larger picture of the issues mentioned in the Quran, and which we didn’t see them quite as clear as after studying and reconciling with  the scientific reports.

We’ve posted a couple of subjects to start us rolling, and we hope to cover as many as possible in the near future, the God willing.

Meantime, do visit the new pages, and we hope it’ll be informative to you.


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