Embracing the Rainbow

October 20th, 2009

Peace to all,

rainbowTime is of the essence. This is yet another wake up call for humanity to save itself from the perils stemming out from its own ignorance and self-destructive ways on Earth. Its immposible to know what is going on unless one is willing to get out of the box and then look in to see the predicament one is in.

Embracing the Rainbow gives the reader insights from outside the box, and let him decides as to the truth contained in its messages. The key is discerment. For those who are familiar with the Quran might want to reconcile the messages for discernment.

Knowing is everything. One is only able to accept or reject after the know.

Ask the knowing part of self for discernment and proceed from that point to consider and you will know.


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Wake-up Call

October 2nd, 2009

End Of Days

As we go through our daily lives, there are times, especially in the current world situation that we find through our five senses, somethings are simply not quite right. Something is amiss, but you can’t quite figure out the whys and the whats.

Actually, most of us are sleeping and that’s the reason we can’t see things, or we’re too preoccupied in the rat race that we can’t see anything other than what we wish to see.

The time has come to wake up. Human kind is in dire straits and heading towards annihilation. More shocking is that, planet Earth will be destroyed in the greater scale of things of the Universe/Galaxy. Our days are numbered, and there’s no one to blame but ourselves, and the only way out of this predicament is to come to realization and own up and be personally responsible.

Don’t expect the coming of Christ (again) as the people will only crucify him all over again. There isn’t any rescue mission from anywhere to rescue us, but the good news is – help is there, and its only for the asking.

“That is because the God does not change the blessings He had bestowed upon any people, unless they themselves change. The God is hearer, knower.” (Q 8:53)

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Beyond Religion

July 2nd, 2009

Salaam all,

Moving AheadAididsafar.com has come of age, and we feel its timely to move out of the box of religion (with no intention to return), and trod forward into the realms of truth. Remaining guided by the Quran, we are probing into the sciences to discover and understand more of the Creator and His creations.

A new section has been created on our website, which we named as “Beyond Religion”.

This section will deal mainly with scientific discoveries of our times, which appear to paint a larger picture of the issues mentioned in the Quran, and which we didn’t see them quite as clear as after studying and reconciling with  the scientific reports.

We’ve posted a couple of subjects to start us rolling, and we hope to cover as many as possible in the near future, the God willing.

Meantime, do visit the new pages, and we hope it’ll be informative to you.


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New World Religion?

April 15th, 2009
World Religions

World Religions

If a New World Order (NWO) is emerging, could there also be a New World Religion in the making?

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New Year Greetings

December 29th, 2008

Wishing each & every one “May The New Year Be Blissful”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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Islam In Malaysia

May 9th, 2008

Islam, supposedly the religion of Peace, and Caring is not being practiced in Malaysia, a secular (by the Federal Constitution), multi-racial and diverse ethnicity country.

Malaysia, once held the supreme post in the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) is also a model of the moderate Islam, as seen by its members, and even boast of her “Islam Hadari” concept and system, which the present Government has established in-liew to configuring her (which would be unconstitutional) to an Islamic status country.

In reality the Arabic religion practiced there is of no difference to that in Pakistan, or Afghanistan.

Read this report from the Asia Sentinel

Response to ‘Mental Bondage’

April 9th, 2008


Somewhat to my surprise, the many e-mails I have received about the book have been overwhelming, and gratifyingly positive. Frankly, I expected to receive some hate mails for it. But in fact, I have received very, very little negative response. Almost every one of the hundreds of e-mails I’ve received has been upbeat.

One frequent response that I didn’t expect is from people who have experienced a similar kind of spiritual journey to mine. I begin Mental Bondage in the Name of God with a kind of autobiography, in which I explain how the meaning of the words in the Quran were distorted, manipulated and misconstrued in prospering a pagan faith from the middle East and how this system of belief played an important role in my decision moving away from it. As it turns out, there are a lot of people all over the world who have had very similar journeys, and many of them were grateful that I was willing to share my experience with them.

A number of people of those who have written have wanted to know on my views about the Sharia Law and they asked me, “Is it divine?” My simple answer is “No”.

Part of being human is having a sense of finitude. By our very nature, we are limited, impartial, incomplete beings. That is why we need, crave, and family love, friends, activities, distractions, pleasures, and so on. Some people have a deeper sense of emptiness than others and try to fill the void for example by throwing themselves into their work, by seeking constant entertainment or physical pleasure, or by entering into multiple intimate relationships, whether licit or illicit.

One of the ways people sometimes deal with the emptiness they feel is through “organized religion” – especially the Arab religion mistakenly called “Islam” that emphasizes a personal relationship with God. When I was following the Arab religion I felt that God was part of my life and that He filled the void that I had within.

This belief in God involved a number of doctrinal commitments and beliefs, and these beliefs were rooted in certain historical claims about what had happened in the past (for example, in the history of the life of the last prophet). They also involved certain views about the Sharia (claimed by the Arab religionist an inspired and infallible guide both practiced from the time of the last prophet and how his followers should have a relationship with God). Even before I began doing serious research into the Reading (Quran) and these historical claims, I began to see that the foundation of my faith was not nearly as secure as I had assumed it was.

Eventually I came to see that the Sharia is a very human, written from very human points of view, and that these points of view often differ from one another. Not a single of these laws are found in the Quran. I soon realized these lawmakers were humans too! They had likes, dislikes, opinions, views, prejudices, biases, perspectives, and so on, like the rest of us, and all these things affected the belief system of more than 1 billion people. After many years of studying the “infallible Sharia” I had based so much of my faith on – came to look very fallible. As a result, the faith that I once had, began to crumble. It took several years of hard thinking, but eventually I came to realize that I could no longer hold on to the historical foundations of my belief.

This in itself did not lead me away from the Islam ordained by God, but it did lead me away from the “Arabised” fold of Islam, into a more mainstream form of belief that saw the Quran in its original form as God’s word.

Until today, there is no Islamic scholar who can come forward to show us the Sharia Law is derived from the Quran. The Sharia is nothing but a mad-made law nevertheless. They are filled with human biases, perspectives, opinions, and ideas totally contradicts to the teachings in the Quran, and often one law stands completely at odds with the views of another Sharia.

Aidid Safar

The truth shall prevail

March 19th, 2008

Salaam and welcome to the Aididsafar blog site.

Our website have been around for quite a while, and in keeping with current trends we open this blog site where we will from time to time share our thoughts and views on subjects relevant to aididsafar.com

Feel free to comment on topics that are posted on this blog, or on our main website.

You will need to log in to post your comments.

Thank you, salaam.