Time immemorial
“And whatever you may give out of usury so that it might increase the people’s possessions will bring no increase in the sight of God, whereas all that you give out in purification, seeking God’s countenance, for it is they, they shall have their recompense multiplied.”
(Q 30:39)

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"It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his NOT UNDERSTANDING IT"

Upton Sinclair


What is Usury/Riba?

Man is his biggest enemy. The oppressor unwittingly employs greed, which is man's biggest weakness, and entices the forbidden 'apple' (money) upon him to lead him further into decadence systematically and cleverly through the so called - separation of Church and State.

On one hand 'religion' will pre-occupy him in false doctrines and worshipping in subjugation to small-gods, in the likes of priests/rabbis/mullahs.

On the other, he is subjugated by politicians/businessman/bankers who make him toil for a meagre wage, which is insufficient to maintain the unnatural life-styles he is programmed into and keep him pre-occupied searching for more, and then offering him loans which are impossible to repay, and thus become enslaved his entire life-time by debts.

Whilst his religion (most religion) surprisingly forbid usury in all forms, the State confused him about it with justifications and by disguising it as - service and administrative 'fees', or ROI (returns-on-investments) in the form of business profit-margins...etc., etc.

For those who are conscious enough and are quite aware of the 'usurious' nature of their life in the system, however, could find solace and comfort from the built-in remedy in their religion, wherein they could perform a daily/weekly repentance and perhaps receive some counselling, and get away with a mild tick-off, if and when they do confess their misdeeds to their small-gods.

Perfecto! All's well again, and tomorrow...its another day!

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