Time immemorial
They have taken their gurus and priests as lords besides the God, as well as Christ the son of Mary. They were commanded not to serve, but the one God; there is no god except He, much too glorious to have partners. Q9:31
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Translation Of The Reading

Aidid Safar

1. This translation is written in the following format - for example Verse 21 Chapter 2:

Ya-ai-yuhan-nas - O mankind
A’budu - serve
Rob-ba-kumul - Your Lord
Lazi - who
Qor-laqor-kum - created you
Wal-lazi-na - And those
Min-qoblee-kum - from before you
La-‘al-lakum - so that you
Tat-taqun - observe

(O you mankind – serve Your Lord who created you and those from before you - so that you observe)

Or in 2:131:

Aslam-tu - I am at peace
li-rob-bil-a’lamin - For the Lord of the Universe

Note: In English we say, "Call your Lord, for us" - but in Arabic it is spoken as "Call for us your Lord" (ud'u-lana rab-bi-kaa). Hence, this translation is written according to the Arabic composition.

Cross reference:

There are certain words appear with a sura number in a bracket placed immediately after it. This is to indicate the same Arabic word is found in the sura and the verse number in the bracket. For example in 2:89 the word A’rafa is translated as obvious (2:197). This is to indicate the same Arabic is also found in 2:197 but was translated with a different meaning in the traditional translations.

These are the small words prefixed to many words in the Quran which were ignored or changed by many translators and they make a lot of difference. In the English composition it may not be seen as normal but if it is read slowly and we ponder why - then it makes a lot of sense. Let me demonstrate. If we compare: Bismilah. "Bi" = With - "Ismi" = name. "Lah" = God.. The meaning is closer if we say "With God's name" instead of 'In the name of God'. We serve God not by consenting to Him but we consented for Him. Of course many translators change the word 'li-rob' to become we submit to the Lord. Between the two there is a lot of difference. Anyway you will find in the translation that the following words are translated according to the following:

The small words The meaning

Bi - With
Fi - In
Fi-hi - In it
Li - For
A'la - On/over/upon
Min - From/as of
Fa - Thus/therefore etc…

Since I am not ignoring any of these small letters you will also find the Arabic word "min-a'in-dal-lah" when it is translated literally 'word for word' it becomes 'from by God". Since it is not proper in English then I used an equivalent word for the word "from" = "as of". So it becomes 'as of by God'. Sometimes we find many 'fa' before a word in the same verse, then I will use 'thus' followed by 'accordingly' or consequently etc in the verse. I hope I have cleared some of the confusion.


1:1 With God’s name, the gracious, the merciful
1:2 The praise is for God – the Lord of the well informed.
1:3 The gracious, the merciful
1:4 The absolute Power of the day of the order
1:5 You alone we serve and You alone we ask for help
1:6 Direct us the path of those who are observant
1:7 The path that You have favoured upon them - not the wrath over them - and not of the strayers.


With God’s name, the gracious, the merciful

2:1 A.L.M. 2:2 That Book is without doubt - in it - a guide - for those who are observant 2:3 Those who trust with the unseen and they uphold the commitments - and from what We provided to them - they contributed 2:4 And they trust with what is transmitted to you and what was transmitted from before you, and with the hereafter - they are positively certain. 2:5 They are - over the guidance from their Lord - and they are - the ones who benefit.

Disbelievers and pagans follow a religion (98-1)

2:6 Surely for those who do not trust, it is the same over them - whether you warn them or did not warn them - they will never trust. 2:7 God seals over their hearts - and over their hearing and over their sight – are veiled. And for them – the greatest suffering.

The worst category – The hypocrites

2:8 And among the mankind there are those who say, ‘we trust with God and with the day of the hereafter’, whilst they never trusted. 2:9 They want to deceive God and those who trust - surely they deceived no one – except their own selves. But they do not perceive. 2:10 In their hearts a disease – thus - God enhances their diseases. And for them – a painful punishment - with whatever they are lying.

The hypocrites who claim they trust in God are corrupting the earth

2:11 And when it is said to them, do not cause corruption in the earth, they say, ‘surely we are the reformists’. 2:12 Remember, surely it is they – they are the real corrupters, however they do not perceive. 2:13 And when it is said for them, ‘you shall trust the way the people who put their trust’, they say, ‘are we going to trust the way the fools trusted’? Remember, surely they are the ones who are the fools – however they do not know. 2:14 And when they meet those who trust they say, ‘we are among those who trust’. And when they return to their evil character they say, ‘actually we are with you, certainly we were only mocking’. 2:15 God will be mocking with them - and will leave them in their transgressions - they are wandering blindly. 2:16 They are the ones who purchase the straying with the guidance - thus it will not benefit their trade - and they will not be among those who will be guided.

God’s removes His light from the hypocrites

2:17 Their example is like those who lighted a fire - thus after it brightened whatever the surroundings - God removes with their light and leaves them in disarray - they cannot see. 2:18 Deaf, dumb and blind – thus - they can never return. 2:19 Or, like the heavy rain from the sky - in it is disarray – and thunders and lightning - and they placed their fingers in their ears from the lightning – fearing death. And God envelops with those who do not trust. 2:20 The lightning almost strikes their eyesight. Each time it brightened for them they walk about therein - and when it is darkened over them they become alerted. And had God willed - He could have taken away their hearing and their eye sights. Most certainly God is over everything – in full control. The greatest commandment to mankind

2:21 O mankind, serve your Lord who created you and those before you so that you observe. 2:22 He is the one who made for you the earth widely spread - and He built the sky - and it descends from the sky water – thus it produces with it from the fruits as provisions for you. Therefore do not cause for God to be associated with anything - and you know.

Those who are doubtful about God’s guidance

2:23 And if you are doubtful from what We have transmitted upon Our servant - then bring forth from one chapter from any example - and call your witnesses from any other than God - if you are truthful. 2:24 And if you cannot do it – and certainly you will not be able to do it – thus prepare for yourself the fire - whose fuel is mankind and the rocks – all set for those who do not trust.

There is nothing religious about the Qur’an All that is required of mankind is to do good deeds and good works

2:25 And deliver the good news to those who trust and to those who do the deeds of righteousness – Most certainly - for them is the garden - flowing from beneath it are rivers. Each of them is provided from it - from the fruits as provisions. They say, ‘this is exactly what was provided from before. And they were given with it which are similar’. And for them in it - mates who are cleansed - and they will abide therein forever. 2:26 Certainly God is not shy in striking an allegory such as gnat and whatever diminutive – thus - those who trust they know for sure – indeed it is the truth from their Lord. And those who do not trust – consequently they will say, ‘what did God wants with this example’? He misleads with it many - and He guides with it many. And He never misleads with it - except the wicked, 2:27 those who violated God’s covenant after pledging to uphold it - and they severed what was commanded by God with it in order it binds (ai-yu-Solaa). And they caused corruption in the earth. They are the real losers. 2:28 How could you distrust with God – whereas you were dead - thus He gave you the life - then - He caused you to die. Then He gave you life - then to Him you will return’? 2:29 He is the one who created for you whatever in the earth – the whole lot of it. Then He turned to the sky and He perfected the seven skies - He is conversant with everything.

Everything created by God in the heavens and the earth are at the humans’ disposal

2:30 And when your Lord said to every universal energy forces (mala-ikati), ‘Certainly I am making in the earth – a successor. They say, ‘Are you making in it - that will corrupt therein and shedding blood – and whilst we glorify You with praises - and hold you absolute (Qudus)? He said, ‘Certainly I know what you do not know’. 2:31 And He taught Adam the names of everything. Then, He presented him to all the universal energy forces – thus, He said, ‘describe to Me with the names of all these - if you are truthful’. 2:32 They said, Glory be to You – we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Surely You - You are the only one who knows - the Judge. 2:33 He said, ‘O Adam, explain to them the names’. Thus - after it was explained to them with their names, He said, ‘Did I not tell you - indeed it is Me – I who knows the unseen - of the sky - and the earth. And I know whatever you declare - and whatever you hide. 2:34 And when We said to the universal energy forces, ‘Be subservient for Adam’, thus they all consented - except the dejected, it refused and was arrogant - and he was from those who refused. 2:35 And We said, ‘O Adam, you may settle with your mate in the garden and savour from it to satisfy yourself as you please - and do not approach this tree – thus you both will be from those who are unjust. 2:36 Thus, they were slipped by the evil character from it. Consequently they were removed from whatever they were inside it. And We said, ‘Get down – each of you with each other as enemies. And for you - in the earth is a place of settlement - and comfort until a time. 2:37 Thus Adam received ‘words’ from his Lord – subsequently He pardoned over him. Indeed it is He – He is the one who forgives - and the merciful. 2:38 We said, ‘Get down from it all of you – thus - if it comes to you from Me - the guidance – subsequently those who follow My guide – surely there is no fear over them - nor will they grieve.

The hell fire is forever for those who Do not trust God’s guidance

2:39 And those who do not trust and reject with Our signs - they are the dwellers of the Fire - They will remain therein forever.

The message of the Quran is for the people of Israel - NOT for the Arabs. The Arabs are condemned. See 9:97-101.

2:40 O Children of Israel, remember My favour that I have favoured upon you. And you shall fulfil the covenant with Me - I will fulfil with you the covenant - and to Me you shall revere. 2:41 And trust with what I have transmitted - to confirm the truthfulness of whatever that is with you - and do not be the first to distrust it – and do not transact with My signs cheaply - and to Me you shall observe. 2:42 And do not adulterate the truth with falsehood nor you should conceal the truth. As a matter of fact - you know. 2:43 And uphold your commitments and endow its purity – (Aqimus-Solaa-ta-wa-atuz-zakaa) and humble yourselves with those who are humble. 2:44 Why do you enjoin mankind with virtuousness - and forget your own selves – and you are reading the Book – Therefore, why don’t you use your common sense? 2:45 And seek help with endurance and be committed – and surely it is difficult - except upon those who are sincere, 2:46 those who are convince - surely they will meet their Lord. And of course they are to Him - they will return.

More message to the Children of Israel

2:47 O Children of Israel, do remember My favour which I have favoured upon you - and indeed it is Me - who made you above the well informed. 2:48 And observe the day when none can defend a soul by another soul even a little bit - and it will not be accepted from it any intercession – also - it will not be accepted from it any ransom – and they will not be helped. 2:49 And when we saved you from the people of Pharaoh - they imposed on you severe punishments – they eliminated your sons and they left the girls to survive – and such was a trial from your Lord – the greatest trial. 2:50 And when We divided with you the sea, thus We saved you and We drowned the people of Pharaoh - and while you are watching. 2:51 And when We appointed Moses for forty nights - then you took the calf from after him - and you were unjust. 2:52 However, We pardoned you thereafter – so that you may be appreciative. 2:53 Then – We brought forth for Moses the Book and the Criterion so that you may be guided.

What did Moses actually say to his people?

2:54 And when Moses said, “O my people, surely you have wronged yourselves with taking the calf – therefore repent to your Lord - thus fight your own souls – that is better for you by your Lord. Thus He accepted the repentance over them. Indeed it is He – Who redeems – the Merciful. 2:55 And when you said, “O Moses, we will not trust you until we see God physically”. Thus you were struck by the lightning and whilst you watched. 2:56 Then we raised you from after your death so that you are appreciative. 2:57 And We shaded over you the clouds and We brought down over you the manna and salwa. You shall eat from the good of whatever We provided to you. And they never caused Us to be unjust - but it was they who are unjust towards themselves. 2:58 And when We said, “Enter this country - thus eat from it whatever you desire - as you please. And you shall enter the gate consentingly and say, “unburden us”. We pardoned your wrongdoings - and We increased those good doers”.

All priests learn the trade from unjust people

2:59 Thus it was changed by those unjust people the sayings – with other than what was said to them. Thus We transmitted over those who were unjust a censure from the sky with what they maligned. 2:60 And when Moses asked for water for his people, We said, “strike the rock with your staff”. Subsequently it oozes twelve springs. Surely every people know their resources. Thus you shall utilise and imbibe from God’s provisions and you shall not roam in the earth as corrupters. 2:61 And when you said, “O Moses we cannot continue tolerating over one kind of food, therefore call for us your Lord so that He provides for us from what the earth grows - from the vegetables and cucumbers and garlic and seeds and onions”. He replied, “Do you wish to substitute that which is inferior with that is better? Go away to Egypt, thus for you of whatever you asked for”. It struck over them humiliation and deficiency and they return with the wrath from God. That is by way of - they have distrusted and they suppressed the prophets without the truth. That is with what they rebelled - and they transgressed.

Three fundamental beliefs - Religion is irrelevant

2:62 Indeed, those who trust, and those proclaimed to be guided, and the supporters and the Sobe’ans - any of them who trust God and the hereafter and do the deeds of virtuousness - thus for them the rewards by their Lord - and there shall be no fear over them - and they will not grieve.

The message to the Children of Israel continues

2:63 And when We took your covenant and We raised above you the (Thoor) article. “You shall take what We have given to you - with security - and remember whatever in it - that you may observe. 2:64 Then you turned away from after that. Consequently if it is not because of God's liberality towards you - and His mercy – surely you were from the losers. 2:65 And indeed you knew of those who transgressed from among you in the Sabbath - thus We said to them, be you apes – despised. 2:66 Thus We made a Lesson for whatever between your hands and whatever subsequent to it and a lesson for those who are observant.

The wicked cannot accept a simple and straight forward instruction

2:67 And when Moses said to his people, “O my people, certainly God He ordered you that you slaughter a heifer”. They replied, “Are you taking us as mockery”. He said, “I seek protection with God that I may be from the ignorant”. 2:68 They said, “Call for us your Lord so that He explains for us which is it”? He replied, “Indeed it is He – He says that the heifer is not old and not young - intermediate between that. Thus you shall carry out whatever you are commanded”. 2:69 They said, “Call for us your Lord so that He explains for us what colour it would be.”. He replied, “Indeed it is He – He says that the heifer is yellow, bright caloured that pleases the onlookers. 2:70 They said, “Call for us your Lord so that He explains for us which is it, surely the heifers are similar over us - and thus if God’s will we may be guided? 2:71 He replied, “Indeed it is He – He says that the heifer was never used for ploughing the earth and never waters the crops, healthy and unblemished in it”. They said, “Now you came with the truth”. Thus they slaughtered it and they almost did not acted upon it.

After the heifer was slaughtered they questioned about taking life

2:72 And when you confronted a self - thus you disputed in it - and God renders whatever you conceal. 2:73 Subsequently We said, “Hit it with its part thereof”. That is how God gives life of the dead and He displayed His signs so that you use your common sense”.

Preconceive ideas make a man’s heart harder than the rocks

2:74 Then it hardened your hearts from after that. Thus it is like the rocks or even harder - and even from the rocks it flows from it the streams. And thus from it there are cracks - thus it oozes water from it. And surely from it – it cringes in reverence of God. And God does not fail to notice from whatever your deeds. 2:75 Do you expect that they will trust for you? And surely they are – some from them - they heard the words of God – then they changed it - from after they have understood it - and they know.

A typical character of all priests - they fear if they are exposed

2:76 And when they meet those who trust they say, “We trust too – and when they are together with themselves - with each other - they say, “Did you narrate (hadis-suu) to them with what was exposed by God on you - so that they can challenge you with it by their Lord”? Do you not have common sense? 2:77 Do they not know - surely God knows whatever they conceal and whatever they declare?

Blind followers will fall into the trap of their priests

2:78 And from them they are gentiles and they have no knowledge of the book except through hearsay - and thus its worthless, and only conjectures.

Instead of promoting God’s Book – religious scholars write from their own ideas They write something like the example in 2:80

2:79 Therefore, censure for those who write the Book with their hands and then they say, “This is as of by God for they wish to transact with its outlay cheaply. Therefore, censure for them from whatever their hands wrote. And censure for them from whatever they do. 2:80 And because they say, “The fire will not touch us except for few days”. Question them, Have you taken by God a pledge - thus God will not break His pledge”? Or do you say about God what you do not know”?

God’s true teachings about the hereafter

2:81 Yes indeed! Whoever commits injustice - he is shrouded with his crimes, thus they are the dwellers of the fire – it is they - who will abide in it forever. 2:82 And those who trust and do righteous deeds – thus they are the dwellers of the garden – it is they – who will abide in it forever.

The covenant of the Children of Israel

2:83 And when We took the pledge with the Children of Israel that, You shall not serve except God and treat both your parents kindly, and your relatives, the orphans and the needy. And speak for mankind courteously and observe your commitments and endow its purity” (aqee-mus-Solaa-ta-wa-atuz-Zakaa). Then you turned away except very few from among you - and you became averse. 2:84 And when We took your promises that you will not shed your blood or evict yourselves from your homeland – then - you pledged and bore witness. 2:85 Then you - that you confronted each other and you banished some from your own kind from their homeland - banding over them with felony transgression and malicious. And if they gave up as captives - you ransomed them – even it was prohibited over you such eviction. Do you trust part of the Book and distrust with the rest? Thus there is no reward to those who commit such as you – except a disgraceful life in this world. And in the Day of Resurrection they will return to face a harsher punishment - and God never failed to notice from whatever you did. 2:86 They are the ones who substituted the life in this world with the hereafter. Thus, it will not be commuted from them - the punishment - and they will not be helped.

The Children of Israel abandoned God’s Book and called themselves Jews – Jesus was sent to abolish Judaism.

2:87 And surely We gave Moses the Book and We followed since after that with messengers and We gave Jesus the son of Mary the very clear (evidence) and We strengthened him with the absolute soul. Why is it that each time it came to you - a messenger with whatever is self-detestable to your souls - you became arrogant? Thus you rejected some and you killed some. 2:88 And they said, “Our hearts are sealed”. As a matter of fact God censured them with their disbelief - consequently very few of them trusted. 2:89 And after it came to them a Book as of by God – to confirm the truthfulness of whatever that is with them - and they had in fact since then - seeking victory over those who defied. Thus soon after it came to them – what was apparent(a'rofu)(2:198) – they disbelief with it – Thus God censured over the disbelieving people. 2:90 How awful they have transacted with it their own selves – that they should distrust with whatever God had transmitted. They despised that God should sent from His liberality upon whomever He wills from among His servants. Thus they return with the wrath over wraths. And for those who distrust – a humiliating retributions.

This is how the arrogant people react to God’s signs

2:91 And when it is said to them, “You shall trust with what is transmitted by God”. They say, “We only trust with what was transmitted over us” - and they do not trust with whatever after it - although it is the truth – to confirm the truthfulness of whatever that is with them. Tell them - “Thus why do you confronted God’s prophets from before - if you sincerely trust. The Children of Israel is reminded again

2:92 And surely there was Moses who came to you - with the clear proofs – then you took to yourselves the calf - as of after him - and you became unjust. 2:93 And when We took from you - your promise and We raised above you the article, “Take whatever We gave you - strongly and perceived”. They said, “We hear and we refuse”. And it was dissolved in their hearts the calf with their disbelief. Tell them, “Most awful is the faith ordering you with it - if you sincerely trust”. 2:94 Tell them, “If there is for you the hub of the hereafter by God – exclusively reserved for you from the rest of mankind - thus you should long for death if you are truthful. 2:95 And they will never long with it - as to what their hands had committed since. And God is fully aware with the unjust people. 2:96 In fact, you find them to be the most rapacious people over life, and also from the pagans. Each of them wishes that they could live one thousand years, though they will not be spared from the punishment - even if they survive. God is watching with whatever their deeds.

God transmits His signs through a power source called Gabriel to everyone

2:97 Tell them, “Whoever becomes the opponent for Gabriel - thus indeed he transmits them into your heart with God’s permission – truthfully - for whatever in between his hands - and the guidance and good news for those who truly put their trust. 2:98 Whoever becomes the opponent of God, His universal energies, His messengers, including Gabriel and Mikhail. Thus indeed God is the enemy for those who defied. 2:99 And certainly We have transmitted to you the signs - they are very clear - and none rejects with it - except the wicked people.

Common traits – if they cannot fulfil their promises among themselves, how can the keep their promises with the unseen God?

2:100 Is it not a fact that each time they made a pledge - some of them abused it? In fact the majority of them do not trust.

Common character of all priests and ulemas

2:101 And after it came to them a messenger as of by God – to confirm the truthfulness of whatever they have with them - it is heaved by some by those who were given the Book – God’s Book - behind their backside as though they did not know.

Sorcery is studied by those who do not trust God.

2:102 They followed what was recited by the evil characters over Solomon's power. And Solomon never took advantage to distrust, but the evil characters did. They taught mankind sorcery - and what was transmitted over the two powers with intelligence (bil-bab) of Haroot and Maroot. And these two did not teach anyone unless they both say, “indeed we are a but a trial”. Therefore do not take advantage to mistrust. However, the people learned from the two - what divides between man and his spouse - and they themselves never harm anyone with it except with the will of God. But the people learned what harms them - and not what benefits them. For sure they knew that - for someone who transacts it – there is nothing for him in the hereafter from the yield. And evil indeed is whatever they transacted with it for themselves if they know. 2:103 And if indeed they trusted and become observant - the real compensation as of by God - which is even better if they can understand.

The priest and ulemas are doing the opposite of this verse.

2:104 O you who trust, do not say ‘be our shepherd’ (Ra’inaa), instead say ‘watch over us’ (Un-zur-naa) and be informed. And for those who disobey they deserved severe penalty.

God decides, not the religious priests They are the true disbelievers and idol worshipers

2:105 It is not the wishes of those who do not trust - from the people of the Book and also the pagans – that surely there is goodness which is transmitted upon you from your Lord. And God decides with His blessings to whomever He pleases and God possesses great bounty.

God revolutionises His signs in the sky and the earth

2:106 Never We abrogate from Our signs or We caused it to be forgotten. We brought with something better from it - or similarity with it. Do you not understand that surely God is over everything – the omnipotent. 2:107 Do you not know that - in reality - God, to Him belongs the supreme power in the skies and the earth? There is none for you besides God as of a protector or helper

Common trait by humans.

2:108 Do you insist that you should ask your messenger they way Moses was asked? Anyone who exchanged disbelief for belief has indeed strayed off the straight path. The wish of people who received previous scripture.

2:109 It is the desire of the people of the Book since before, that, if they could, they wish to revert you from belief - to paganism – due to their jealousy from before. What is very clear to them, is the truth. Thus forgive them and be contented - until God gives His orders.

God advises mankind to be committed in an orderly way of life (deen) prescribed by Him

2:110 And uphold the commitments and endow its purity. And anything you advance for yourself from the good things that you do - you will find it by God. Surely, God is with every deed – observing.

The fundamental rule – demand the proof from anyone who claims to be guided

2:111 And they say, none will enter the Garden except from those who proclaimed to be guided or the supporter. That is only their illusions. Tell them, “produce your proof if you are truthful”.

Do good works for the sake of God.

2:112 Yes indeed - whoever is at peace, his focus is for God – they are most excellent. Surely for them the rewards by their Lord and there shall be no fear over them – and they will not grieve.

Religious interpretation caused dissent among the people

2:113 And those who proclaimed to be guided, they say, ‘There is no basis for the supporters over anything’. And it is also uttered by the supporter, ‘There is no basis for those who proclaim to be guided over anything’. And yet they both read the Book. That is exactly what is uttered by those who had no knowledge - with similar utterances. Thus God – It is He who will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection in whatever matters they have disputed in it.

The Jews, Christians and the Arabs had obliterated God’s prescribed consented decrees

2:114 Who is more unjust than the ones who hinders God’s prescribed consented decrees to be venerated in His name - and they make every effort in obliterating it. It is they who should not participate in it - except those who fear that they will be humiliated in this world – and they are mindful of the great retribution in the hereafter. God is not in Jerusalem, Vatican, Lourdes, or Mecca

2:115 And to God belongs the East and the West – therefore wherever you are - God is right in front of you. Definitely God is omnipresent - all-knowing.

False claim about God even after His prescribed Consented decrees were made clear

2:116 And they say, “God has taken for Himself a son”. Glory be to Him. Never! To Him belongs whatever in the heavens and the earth. Everything is subservient to Him. 2:117 He is the originator of everything that exists in the sky and the earth - and when He decides on anything - He thus indeed says to it, “Be” - and it is.

Obviously the ignorant are saying more ludicrous things

2:118 And it is said by those without the knowledge, “Why doesn’t God speaks to us directly or give us the profound signs”? That is exactly what was said by the people before them - by way of what they are saying now. Their hearts are all the same. Surely We made our Signs very clear - for people who are very sure. The first message addressed to Muhammad

2:119 Surely We have sent you with the truth - as a bearer of good news as well as a Warner. You are not answerable over those who are companions of Hell. 2:120 You became an impediment to those who proclaimed to be guided and the supporters – unless you agree to follow their creed. Tell them, “Surely God’s guidance - it is the guidance”. And if you ever follow their egos after it came to you from the knowledge - there is nothing for you from God as helper and as protector. 2:121 Those We had given to them the Book - if they recite correctly the recitation - it is they - who will trust with it. Therefore, whoever defies it – thus it would be their loss.

A message to the Children of Israel again Although there were chosen in this world they will not be helped in the hereafter

2:122 O Children of Israel, remember My favour that I favoured upon you. And indeed it is Me – who made you above the well informed. 2:123 And observe Me – beware of the day when nothing can replace oneself from another self even a little bit - and it will not be accepted from him any ransom - and no one can benefit intercession nor they can be helped.

The history of Abraham - the first man to be admitted into God’s system The Arab religion was born after the following verses were corrupted

2:124 And when Abraham was tested by His Lord with the words (kalimatin) - thus, he completed it. We said, “Indeed I am making you for mankind as the head (imam)”. He asked, “And from my descendants”? I replied - “My promise does not include the unjust people”. 2:125 And when We made the system as providence for mankind and harmony – and you shall take from the position of Abraham who was committed. And We gave instructions to Abraham and Ishmael that - they should clean My system for groups of people - and those who are devoted - and those who humbly consented.

Abraham’s commitment in God’s system begins with cultivation of soil.. Those not committed get less - as retributions from God

2:126 And when Abraham said, “My Lord please make this country harmoniously and provide its people from the fruits for those among them who trust for God and the day of the hereafter. He replied, “And those who do not trust I will provide for them too - then I will force them to the agony of Hell - and it is the worst destination to return.

Abraham raised the foundation from God’s system to consent to His law of creations

2:127 And when Abraham raised the foundation from the system (minal bayti) together with Ishmael, they said, “Our Lord please accept from us. Indeed it is You – Who hears - the knower. 2:128 Our Lord make us at peace (Muslims) to You and from our offspring – nations who are at peace (Muslimin) to You. And direct us the methods of self-sacrifices and please accept the remorse over us. Indeed it is You - Who redeems - the merciful. Abraham requests

2:129 Our Lord, and please appoint within themselves a messenger from among themselves who will recite to them Your signs - and teach them the Book and the wisdom - and to clean them. Indeed it is You – Who is almighty and the Judge.

The fools

2:130 And there is none who will reject the creed of Abraham except those who fooled themselves. And indeed it is We who chose him in this world - and in the hereafter he will be among the righteous.

The creed of Abraham

2:131 When he was told by his Lord, “Be at peace” (Aslim), he replied, “I am at peace for the Lord of the well informed” (Aslam-tu-li-rob-bil-a’lameen). 2:132 And Abraham resolved it to his children and also to Jacob - he said, “O my children - indeed God has chosen for you the orderly way of life (deen). Thus you shall not die unless you are at peace. Jacob then willed the same declaration to his children

2:133 You were not among those who witnessed Jacob at the presence of his death when he asked his children - “What will you serve after me’? They said, “We will serve your Lord and the Lord of your father Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac the only one God - and to Him we are at peace (Muslims)”. 2:134 That was a nation – thus they are answerable to whatever their deeds - and for you - it is with whatever your deeds - and you will not be questioned with whatever their deeds were.

The Jews claim they are guided - but they are not unless they follow the creed of Abraham

2:135 They said, “You must proclaim as the guided people or become the supporters in order to receive the guidance”. Tell them, “As a matter of fact, we hold to the creed of Abraham - the sincere - he was not among the idol-worshipers".

The foundation of a true Muslim No preference over any special messenger

2:136 Make it known to them, “We trust God and what was transmitted to us and what was transmitted to Abraham - and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and whatever was transmitted to their offspring and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to all the prophets from their Lord. We never make any distinction with any one from them - and to Him we are at peace (Muslims). 2:137 Thus if they trust with the example of what you have trusted with it - indeed they are guided - on the other hand, if they turn away - then, surely they are in defiance. Therefore God will protect you from them - and He is the hearer and the knower. 2:138 God’s policy. And who is better from God’s policy? And we are for Him among those who serve.

Never squabble with anyone in matters of God

2:139 Tell them, “Are you challenging with us in matters of God - whilst He is our Lord and your Lord - and for us are our deeds and for you are your deeds. And to Him we are sincere”. If they insist use Abraham as the benchmark

2:140 Or are they saying that Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and their offspring proclaimed as the guided people or the supporters? Tell them, “Are you more knowledgeable or is it God”? Who is more unjust than the ones who concealed the testimony by him from God. And God never failed to notice from whatever your deeds are. 2:141 That was a nation of the past. For them whatever they brought about - and for you - whatever you will bring about. And you will not be asked from whatever of their deeds.

God’s prescribed sanctions changed hands

2:142 The fools among the people will ask, “What makes them change from their direction that they are over it”? Tell them, “To God belongs the East and the West. He guides anyone He wills - to the path of those who are observant. 2:143 And that is how We made you a moderate nation so that you become witnesses over the people and that the messenger over you as witness. And We did not make the focus that you yourself on it - except that We know those who will follow the messenger - from those who turn back over their heels. It is indeed a great burden - except upon those guided by God. And God does not wish to put to waste of your belief. Surely God is compassionate - merciful with the people.

Like all prophets the messenger was searching for the true deen. When the Qur’an was revealed he was told to focus on the sanctions in his act of submission.

2:144 Surely We see you twirling your focus about the sky. Hence We turn you to a direction that pleases you. Therefore turn your focus of attention towards the sanctioned consented decrees. And wherever you may be - thus turn your focus of attention towards it. And surely those who were given the Book know for certain - that, indeed it is the truth from their Lord. And God never failed to notice from whatever their deeds.

The majority of the people who received God’s Book will not change their direction of belief – even with every kind of signs

2:145 And even if you bring to those who were given the Book with every kind of signs - they will not follow your direction - and you – must not follow their direction. And they do not follow the direction of each other. And if you really follow their egos - from after what had came to you from the knowledge - indeed if you do so - you will be among the unjust people.

In fact they recognise the truthfulness of the Book

2:146 Those to whom We gave them the Book - they recognise it just they way they recognise their own children. Certainly many from among them - but they concealed the truth - and they knew with certainty. 2:147 The truth is from your Lord - thus you must not be from among those who are doubtful.

The Qur’an is the last call for those who received God’s Book previously – As for those who want to believe they must focus on the sanctions in the Book

2:148 And for everyone is his own focus. Therefore you shall race towards virtuousness - wherever and whatever you are - God will bring you forth - all of you together. Indeed God is over each and everything - very precise. 2:149 And from wherever you go – thus you shall focus the sanctioned consented decrees. And indeed it is the truth from your Lord and God will not fail to notice with whatever your deeds. 2:150 And from wherever you go – thus you shall focus towards the sanctioned consented decrees.. And wherever you are, thus focus towards it - so that there will be no mankind over you, challenging - except the unjust from among them. Thus do not fear them, but fear Me instead - so that I may complete My favour upon you - in order that you are guided.

The sanctioned consented decrees are in the Book and it was recited by God’s messenger. Those who want to be thankful to God follow His Book - as the means to remember Him.

2:151 They way We sent to you a messenger from among you who recites over you Our signs. And to purify you, and He teaches you the Book and the Wisdom. And He teaches you - what you do not know. 2:152 Therefore, you shall remember Me - I will remember you – and be thankful to Me - and do not distrust Me.

What is required from a man who starts to believe in God – the Children of Israel were similarly committed 2:45

2:153 O you who trust, “seek help through endurance with perseverance and be committed. Indeed God is with those who persevere. 2:154 And do not say for those who were eliminated in the path of God are dead – Never! They are alive - but you do not realise.

Everyone will go through a test to discover God

2:155 And We will definitely put you to the test with something from the fear and hunger and shortages from the prosperity - and the lives - and the grains. Give good news to those who steadfastly persevere. 2:156 They - who as soon as befall on them any disaster - they say, “Indeed we are for God and indeed we are to Him will return”. 2:157 They are the ones over them the commitments from their Lord and mercy - and they are the ones – who receive the guidance.

Take the challenge to spread God's guidance and be noble to discover the truth – once it is known it must not be concealed.

2:158 Surely the diffusion (Safa) and anguish (marwah) are from God’s decree. Therefore, whoever challenges the system or if they are effective (a'tamar) - thus, there is no fault upon them of being familiar (tawaf 24:58) with both - and whoever volunteers virtuousness - thus indeed God is appreciative – with full of knowledge. 2:159 Surely those who conceal whatever We have transmitted from the clear explanations and the guidance - from after whatever We have explained for the people in the Book – they are the ones censured by God and they are the ones censured by all who censure, 2:160 except to those who repent and reform and they explain. Thus, they are the ones I forgive - and I am the forgiver.

The price for disbelieving God

2:161 Indeed those who distrust and die - and they are the ones who do not trust - and they are over them the censure of God and the universal energies, together with the people. 2:162 They will be inside it eternally – nothing would be lessened less over them from the punishment - and they cannot get out of it. 2:163 And your God is the God – is One – There is no other god except He – the gracious – the merciful.

Mankind is expected to learn as much as they can about God’s signs in the skies and the earth

2:164 Indeed, in the creation of the skies and the earth, and the alternation of the night and day and the ships that roam the sea - with everything that benefits mankind - and whatever God brings down from the sky from the water – thus He makes the earth alive with it - after its death - and He distributes in it from every kinds of creatures - and the circulation of the wind and the clouds placed in between the skies and the earth. All these are signs for the people of understanding.

Idolising of prophets, Gurus, Mullahs, saints or the dead etc.

2:165 And from the mankind there are those who take from other than God as idols. They love them as if they were God - however - those who trust – the feeling of strong affection is for God alone. And if it could be visualised by those who are unjust - whilst they watched the retribution – surely the authority is for God alone - and surely God is very severe in His punishment.

Don't follow rabbis, pope or mullahs They will abandon you

2:166 Those who were followed will disown their followers - and they will suffer the retributions. And all relationship is severed. 2:167 And it will be said by those who followed - “If indeed there is for us to turn back, surely we will disown them the way they disowned us”. That is how God shows them their deeds. Remorseful are over them - and they will not be with those who escaped from the Fire.

Evil people lied about God by the way they talk – Example: like adding to the limit on food prohibitions in 2:173

2:168 O Mankind, eat from what is in the earth - that is lawful and good - and do not follow the steps of the evil character. Indeed he is for you a manifest enemy. 2:169 Surely he directs you with dissolute and evil - in order that you utter upon God whatever you do not know.

Those who follow their parents’ religion will disbelieve God’s Book

2:170 And when it is said to them, “Follow whatever was transmitted by God”, they say, “Never! We will only follow whatever we found over it of our forefathers”. Although their forefathers never used their common sense - and they were never guided? 2:171 And the example of those who do not trust is like the example of those who shout with whatever it cannot hear except calling and shouting. Deaf, dumb and blind. Surely they cannot understand. 2:172 O you who trust, eat and drink (savour) from the good things what We have provided - and be thankful for God - if you truly for Him you are serving. 2:173 Indeed it is only prohibited on you the carrion and the blood and the contaminated meat and what has been legalised by way of - for other than God. Thus whoever is strained without malice and not being deliberate - surely there is no fault on him. Indeed God is forgiving – merciful.

Those who conceal God’s sanctions about food and then invent the extras will consume fire in their belly

2:174 Certainly those who hide what has been transmitted by God from the Book - and they traded with it cheaply - it is they who will fill their bellies stomach - with the Fire. And God will not speak to them on the day of resurrection. And they will not be cleansed and for them - a very painful punishment. 2:175 It is they who purchase the straying with the truth - and the punishment instead of forgiveness. Surely they have a lot of patience about the threat of the Fire. 2:176 That is how God transmitted the Book with the truth - and surely those who dispute the Book - are the most rebellious - far-flung.

The definition of virtuousness Without religion or rituals

2:177 Virtuousness is not by focusing to the East or the West. However, virtuousness is to trust God, and the day of the hereafter, and the universal energies, and the Books and the prophets. And they give their money that they love for themselves - to the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy and those on the path - and those who appeal - and those who are vigilant - and they uphold their commitments and endow its purity - and they fulfilled their promises when they promise. And they persevere at the time of adversity and hardship and also during calamity. That is they - who are the truthful - and that is they who are - the ones - observant.

Law of equivalence

2:178 O you who trust it is prescribed upon you the law of equivalence in murdering. The free with the free - and the servant with the servant - and the woman with woman. Thus whoever is pardoned for it from his brother of anything - indeed follow it with conspicuous - and fulfil to him with the best. That is the leniency from your Lord and mercy. Thus whoever exceeds the limit after that - surely for him a very painful punishment.

A very important duty in life for intelligent people only – not suitable for religionists

2:179 And for you in the law of equivalence of surety – O people of intelligentsia so that you observe. 2:180 It is prescribed upon you when death approaches anyone of you, he should leave the benefits of the will for his parents and his relatives conspicuously - an incumbent duty upon those who observe. 2:181 Thus, whoever alters after whatever he heard - indeed the misdeeds is on the person who alters it. Surely God is hearer – the knower. 2:182 Thus whoever is unsure from the man who made the will of any impartiality or committing misdeeds - thus he reforms them – surely there is no fault on him. Thus God is forgiver – the merciful. 2:183 O you who trust - it has been prescribed upon you the self-discipline the way it was dictated on those from before you - so that you observe. 2:184 Certain days are selected. Therefore whoever from among you is incapable or on assignments, thus, choose from other days. And upon those who find it inconvenient – recover by feeding the needy - thus anyone volunteers to do good it would be better for him. And surely being discipline is good for you - if you know.

A person observe discipline after he receives the guidance to carry out a duty as indicated in 2:190-203

2:185 Months of shedding of thoughts which is transmitted in it - the Qur’an - a guide for mankind and the explanation from the guidance and the criterion. Hence anyone witnesses from among you the months (5:2) - thus he should discipline himself - and those who are incapable or on assignments - thus choose from other days. God wishes with you the convenience - and He wishes not with you the hardship - and that you may complete your obligation - and you shall glorify God over whatever He has guided you - so that you may be appreciative.

The first thing you know about God after the Qur'an is revealed to you

2:186 And when you are asked by My servants about Me – indeed I am very close. I respond the call of those who call - when they call Me. Thus in reciprocal - they should respond for Me - and they shall trust Me - so that - they may be guided. Discipline yourself and be cordial with those closes to you after you received the knowledge of the Quran

2:187 It is permitted for you during the nights of discipline to maintain the cordial relationship (2:197) towards your women. They are clothing for you and you are their clothing. God knows indeed you - that you have wronged yourselves – thus He pardoned you and He forgave it from you. Thus, give them the good news (42:23). - And you shall imbibe whatever that had been prescribed for you by God - and savour (ku-luu-wash-robuu) until it is clear for you the white thread (35:27) from the black thread - from dawn – then - discipline yourself to the night. And do not cause them any unhappiness, when you are devoted in the consented decrees. That is the limit of God - thus you must not frown (ba-siru 75:24) them. That is how God explains His signs for mankind so that they observe.

Upon receiving the Quran - first lesson is to be just

2:188 And do not consume your properties with each other with prejudice - and that you bring with it to justice so that you may consume part of the properties from the people illegally - and whilst you know.

The Quran encourages promoting its values and recipients are duty bound to take the challenge to fight against falsehood.

2:189 They ask you about worthiness (74:56), Tell them, “It is the specific period for mankind and the challenge”. And it is not virtuousness that you enter the house from its back - but it however the virtuousness of those who are observant to enter the house from its doors. And you shall observe God so that you may benefit. 2:190 You shall confront in the path of God against those who confront against you - and there shall be no aggression. Indeed God – He dislikes those who are aggressive. 2:191 And you shall confront them wherever you are confronted - and expel them from wherever they expel you - and slandering is worse than fighting. And do not confront them by the sanctioned consented decrees - unless they confront you in it. Therefore, when they confront you - you must confront them. That would be the just response for those who do not trust. 2:192 Thus - if they refrain - then, God is forgiver – merciful. 2:193 And you must confront them until there is no more slandering. And the orderly way of life is for God alone. Therefore if they refrain - thus there shall be no more hostility - except over those who are unjust.

A situation when you initiate to challenge the idol-worshipers and disbelievers. Refer sura 9 for procedures.

2:194 The sanctioned months are months that sanctions - and anything that is sanctioned is to be declared (9:2-6). Therefore whenever you are confronted - then you must confront them equally - as of whatever they have confronted you about. And observe God and you must realise - surely God is with those who are observant. 2:195 And you shall spend in the path of God - and do not make yourself fall with your own hands into adversity - and do good deeds. Surely God – He loves those who do good.

The purpose of taking the challenge is to promote God's guidance

2:196 And take the challenge and promote for God. And if you are restrained, thus get whatever is easy from the guidance and do not overlook your basic (2:279) until the guidance is made lawful. Thus whoever from you is incapable or in disorder (2:222) from his basic (knowledge of the guidance) - thus reinvigorate yourself by maintaining self-discipline, or contribute, or self-sacrifice. Thus, once you are certain – those who are eager with promoting the challenges - thus get whatever is easy from the guidance. However, those who fail (to grasp the guidance) - discipline yourself for three days in the challenge and seven when you resume. That would be ten as complete. This is for those who had no people assert the sanctioned consented decrees. And observe God and you should know – indeed God is very severe in His punishment.

Taking the challenge during the months when a person receives the Criterion

2:197 The challenge are months to be declared (9:2-6). Thus whoever decides to take the challenge - thus there is no cordiality (2:187), and no wickedness, and no argument in the challenge - and whatever you do from the good things - definitely God will know it. And be well prepared - thus surely the best preparation is observation. And you shall observe Me - O you who possess intelligence. 2:198 There is of course no fault upon you if you seek the bounty from your Lord. Therefore when you are united (4:21) from the obvious (2:89 & 47:6) - thus remember God by the sanctioned decrees and remember Him the way He guided you. Indeed you are from before this – from among those - who strayed.

The challenges is to promote God's guidance and the source is the Quran

2:199 Then engage yourself (10:61) from the source to unite (4:21) the people and seek God’s forgiveness. Indeed God is forgiver – merciful. 2:200 And when you have concluded your self-sacrifice, thus remember God the way you remember your own father or even more in remembrance. Thus from the mankind there are those who say, “Our Lord give us in this world”. And there is nothing for them in the hereafter from the shares. 2:201 And from others - there are those who say, “Our Lord give us in this world and in the hereafter of the good things and spare us the suffering of Fire”. 2:202 They are of course - for them the shares from whatever they did and God is very swift in the reckoning. 2:203 And remember God during the selected days (2:184). Therefore whoever hastens it in two days - thus there is no fault on him. And whoever postpones it - thus there is also no fault on him - for those who observe. And you shall observe God. And be informed - you will surely be gathered to Him.

Do not be impressed by rhetorical speeches

2:204 And from the mankind - they are those who may attract your heart with his rhetoric in this world – and he uses God as the witness over whatever is in his heart – whilst he is the worst of all enemies. 2:205 And when he turns away - he roams in the earth to cause corruption in it - and he impedes crops and lives. And God dislikes the mischief. 2:206 And when it is said to him, “Observe God”, he is overtaken by his arrogance - at the same time sinning. Thus sufficient is the Hell for him - and it is the worse place for a settlement.

Why some take the challenge to fight in the path of God

2:207 And from the mankind – they are those who trade their selves in searching God’s grace – and God is most compassionate towards His servants. God’s deen is not to be compromised – Compromiser will be fuel in Hell (72:15)

2:208 O you who trust, enter the blissfulness (Silmi) in its entirely – and do not follow the steps of the evil character. Indeed he is for you - a manifest enemy. 2:209 Thus if you slip after what came to you of the explanation – thus you should know - definitely God is almighty - the Judge.

There is nothing to wait – act immediately

2:210 They do not wait except to make sure that - God will come to them in the shades from the clouds together with its energies - to conclude all decisions. And to God belongs all the decisions.

The Children of Israel have extensive knowledge about the truth Their scholars (not the Jews) know a lot about the truth (26:197)

2:211 Consult the Children of Israel – How many have We given to them from the signs clearly explained? And whoever traded away God’s favour from after whatever it came to him – surely God is very strict in punishment. 2:212 It was made very alluring the life of this world for the those who are defying – and they look down at the people who trust – however – but it is they who are observant above them on the day of resurrection. And God provides to whomever He wills - without limits.

Humans dispute among themselves because of ego

2:213 Mankind is a single nation – thus God sent the prophets to convey the good news and as warners. And He transmitted with them the Books with the truth to judge between mankind – of whatever they have disputed about. And no one disputed in it - except those who were given from after - whatever that came to them – from the explanations - due to the jealousy among themselves. Thus God guides those who trust - with whatever they have disputed in it - from the explanations - with His permission. And God gives His guidance to whomever He wills - toward the path of those who are observant.

Everyone will undergo the test

2:214 Do you consider that you will enter the garden whilst it has not come to you the examples of those preceding - from before you - who suffered disasters and adversity and they were all shaken up? Until it was said by their messengers and those who trust with them, “Where is the help from God”? Remember - indeed God’s help is very close.

The fundamental deed in Islam

2:215 They ask you – “What is contribution”. Tell them, “Whatever you contribute from the good things – thus they are for both parents, and relatives and the orphans and the needy and those on the path. And whatever you do from the good things - indeed God is with Him - the knowledgeable

Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and the rest of the prophets were slandered by all the religions in the world. They were turned into gods by the religionists

2:216 It has been dictated upon you the confrontational - but you hated it. And it may be something that you hate - when it is good for you. And it could be something that you like - when it is actually bad for you. And God – He knows - and you do not know. 2:217 They ask you about confrontation during the restricted months - Tell them, “Confrontation is great – however, deterring others about the path of God and to distrust Him and the sanctioned consented decrees - and to discourage the people from it - is even greater by God". And trial is worse than confrontational". And they will not stop being confrontational against you - until they revert you from the orderly way of life. And whoever from among revert you from the orderly way of life – thus they will die - as distrusted. Consequently it is they - who wasted their deeds in this world and the day of the hereafter. And it is they - who will reside in the Fire – they will abide in it – forever. 2:218 Indeed those who trust and take the challenge and strive in the path of God - it is they who looked forward for the grace of God. And God is forgiver – most compassionate.

Hanging around pubs is unproductive Although you will not be burned in Hell for it Think about it carefully

2:219 They ask you about the wine (12:41) and convenient times (2:280). Tell them, “In both of them there are great misdemeanours and some benefits for mankind. And the misdemeanour is even greater from its benefit”. And they also ask you about "contribution”. Tell them, “Forgiving (7:199)”. That is how God explains to you His signs so that you use your common sense, 2:220 in this world and the hereafter. And they ask you about the orphans. Tell them, “Reforming for them - is good. And if you are living with them – thus they become your brethren. And God - He knows between the mischief and the reformers - and if it is the will of God - surely He can cause severe hardship on you. Indeed God is almighty – the Judge.

Idol worshipping men and women are the hosts in the Fire

2:221 And do not marry the pagan women until they believe. And do not marry the underage girls. Believing women are better from the pagan women although they allure you. And do not marry the idol worshipers (men/women) (musyrikeen) until they believe - and the slaves (men/women) who believe are better from the idol worshipers - although they might allure you. It is they who call you to the Fire. And God calls you to the garden and forgiveness with His permission. And He explains His signs to them so that they can remember. Menstrual period

2:222 They ask you about the menses. Tell them, “It is a disorder - thus you shall stay away from the ladies during the disorder and do not approach them until they are cleansed. And when they are cleansed – thus - you may approach them from the way you are instructed by God”. Indeed God, He loves those who feel sorry and He loves those who are cleansed. 2:223 Your wife is the crops for you - thus approach your crops as necessary - and advance for yourself - and observe God - and you should know that you will meet Him - and give the good news to those who believe.

Do not take God for granted

2:224 And do not make God as an impediment for your pledges in doing virtuousness - and be observant - and encourage reforms between mankind – and God is listening and He knows. 2:225 God does not take into vain your pledging - but He takes into account with reasons of intent of your hearts. And God is forgiver – lenient.

God’s limit in divorce cases

2:226 For whoever decides an annulment from his wife - he shall allow a cooling off period of four months. Thereafter, if they patch up - indeed God is forgiver – merciful. 2:227 And if they insist on divorce – indeed God is listening – He is very knowledgeable.

Do not impose prohibition of sexual relationship during the four months

2:228 The divorced women are required to stay within themselves three menstrual cycles - and it is not permitted for them that they should hide what was created by God in their wombs - if they truly believe with God and the day of the hereafter. And their husband’s priority is to reconcile in that situation - if they want to reform - and similarly also for the women with conspicuous. And for the men upon them it is a priority. And God is almighty – the Judge. 2:229 Divorces is two times. Thus retain them with conspicuous or let them go amicably. And it is not permitted for you that you should take back from what you have given to them from anything – unless both of them are unsure they may not able to fulfil God’s limit. Thus if you are unsure that both of them may not fulfil God’s limit – surely - there is no fault on them from whatever she forfeits with it. That is God’s limit – thus you must not break the rules – and whoever breaks the rules of God’s limit – indeed they are the ones who are unjust. 2:230 Thereafter if he divorces her – thus it is not permitted for him from after that - until she marries a different man – thereafter if he divorces her – thus it is not wrong on both of them to reconcile - if they both think that they can uphold God’s limit. And that is God’s limit – He explains for the people who use their common sense. 2:231 And when you divorce the woman – consequently - the interim expires – thus retain them with conspicuous or let them go conspicuously Do not retain them by force - that you may break the rules. And anyone who commits such – indeed he is committing unjust to himself – and do not take God’s signs in jest – and remember God’s favour upon on you - from what He has transmitted over you from the Book and the wisdom. He teaches you with it – and observe God – and you should know - indeed God is with every individual – He is very knowledgeable. 2:232 And when you divorce the woman – consequently the interim expires – thus do not prevent her from remarrying her husband when they mutually agreed with each other conspicuously. It is recommended with it - those who are amongst you who believe with God and the day of the hereafter – as such - it is purer for you and more cleansing – and God knows - and you – you do not know.

Nursing of infants

2:233 And the mothers shall nurse their infants for two years - complete - for those who wish to fulfil the nursing. And over the child that was born for him – he shall give the provisions and clothing with conspicuous. Do not burden oneself except within his means - and there shall be no suffering of a mother with the account of her child – and not the child that was born for him - with the account of the child – or - over the next of kin - the same example applies. Thus if they agree to terminate from the arrangement mutually - and after consultation - and there is nothing wrong over them. And if you wish to nurse your child - thus there is no fault on you that you surrender whatever you gave conspicuously – and you shall observe God – and you should know – indeed God is with whatever – your deeds are – observing.

Husbands who play the disappearing act

2:234 Those who has taken (yu-tawafuu-na) a wife and left them behind – they (wives) shall stay within themselves four months and ten days. Consequently - when their interim expires – thus there is no fault on you in whatever they want to do to themselves conspicuously. And God is with whatever your deeds are – very conscious. 2:235 And there is no fault on you in whatever you have indicated indirectly with it from the interest of the women or you keep it within yourself. God knows that you will remember them – however do not make any arrangement with them secretly - except to speak conspicuously. And do not rush in marrying her - until the expiry of the prescribed interim – and let it be known, surely God - He knows whatever is within yourself – thus be fearful of Him – and you should know – Indeed God is forgiver – very lenient. 2:236 There is no fault on you if you divorce the women before consummation – or set for them the details. And you shall maintain them - over those who can afford within their means - and over those who cannot afford – for them - within their means – a conspicuous compensation. That is the virtuousness on those who are sincere. 2:237 And if you divorce them - from before consummation – but you have set for them the details - thus half of whatever was detailed - except that - if they forgive or had forgiven him with his hands tied in marriage. And forgiving is closer to being observant. And do not forget to be bountiful towards each other. Indeed God is with whatever that you are doing – watching. 2:238 Guard over all the commitments and commit yourself moderately and be upright for God - in obedience. 2:239 If you are scepticism – thus - take a walk or take a ride. Consequently, when you are settled – hence remember God the way He teaches you - whatever you do not know.

Husbands to leave expenses whilst away

2:240 And those of you who took (yu-tawaf-fau-naa) a wife and left them – they shall make arrangement for their wife's sustenance for up to one year without having to make them to move around. Hence if they move – thus it is not wrong for you in whatever they do conspicuously to themselves. God is almighty – He is the Judge. 2:241 And for the divorced women treat them conspicuously – a truth upon those who are observant. 2:242 That is how God explains for you His signs so that you use your common sense.

Be appreciative towards God

2:243 Have you not noticed those who fled from their homeland - and whilst they were by the thousands – they feared death? Subsequently, God said to them, “Die”. Then He resurrected them. Indeed God is bountiful upon mankind. And ironically, the majority of mankind is not appreciative.

2:244 You must confront in the path of God and you should know – indeed God is listening – He is very conversant. 2:245 Who would be among those who will loan to God the best of loan – thus He will increase for him the multiply - in abundance – and God - He constricts and He expands – and to Him - all of you will ultimately be returned.

The History after Moses

2:246 Have you not noticed the powerful people from the Children of Israel from before Moses when they said to the prophet appointed for them, “Appoint for us a powerful ruler to fight in the path of God”. He said, “Is it unlikely that you - if it is prescribed upon you the fighting - that you will not refuse to fight?" They said, “What is there for us that we should not fight in the path of God - and surely we have been banished from our homeland together with our children”? Thus, as soon as it is ordained upon them the fighting - they turned around - except very few from them – and God is fully aware with those who are unjust. 2:247 And it was said to them by their prophet, “Indeed God had definitely appointed for you Thalut to be in charge. They said, “How can it be for him the authority over us whilst we deserve more than him - besides, he was not given any abundance from the richness”? He said, “Indeed God has chosen him over you - and He had increased in abundance in his knowledge and also physically. God endows His powers to whomever He wills and God is bountiful – He is very knowledgeable. 2:248 And it was said to them by their prophet, “Indeed the signs of his authority is that - it will come to you the relic wherein an approval from your Lord and the left-over from whatever was preserved by the family of Moses and Aaron. It will be carried by the energies". Thus, such of that - there are signs for you – if you are true believers. 2:249 Subsequently, when Thalut thus commits (fa-Solaa-Thalut) with his armies he said, “Indeed God – He is testing you with the river – whoever drinks from it - thus he is not from me – and whoever did not taste it – thus he is from me – except from those who takes a single taste with his hands. Consequently, they drank from it except very few from them. Thus when they crossed it - and those who believe with him they say, “We have no strength today against Jaluth and his armies”. It was said by those who deemed that they will be meeting God, “How many small armies overcame the larger number - with God’s permission – and God is with those who persevere. 2:250 And when they appeared with Jaluth and his armies they said, “Our Lord, dispense on us the perseverance - and strengthen our footholds and help us against the disbelievers. 2:251 Thus - they defeated their opponents with God’s permission - and David overpowered Jaluth and it was given to him by God the power and the wisdom - and He taught him from whatever He wills. And if it is not God’s mercy towards mankind in setting up some people against each other - surely corruption would prevail on earth. However, God is bountiful over all the well informed. 2:252 That is God’s signs We recite them on you - with the truth - and indeed you are truly from one of those who were dispatched.

Messengers were endowed with different status

2:253 That is the messengers We have honoured among them - over the others. From among them there are those whom God had spoken directly and He raised among them to higher ranks. And We gave Jesus the son of Mary the explanations and We strengthened him with the absolute soul - and if God had so willed - there wasn’t any confrontation by those from after them – from whatever came of the explanations – but they disputed. Thus amongst them there are those who believed - and from among them there are those who disbelieve - and if God had so willed – they would not have confronted each other – but God – He does whatever He wanted.

Be charitable from God’s provisions

2:254 O you who believe, contribute from whatever We have provided to you - before it comes a day where there is no trading in it - and there will be no associates - and there will be no intercessors – and those who disbelieve - they are the ones who are unjust.

God’s power

2:255 God - there is no god except He – the living – Self sustain – Never slumber – Never sleep – To Him belongs whatever in the skies and whatever in the earth. Who is the one that will intercede by Him - except with His permission? He knows whatever between their hands and whatever that was behind them. And they can never know with anything from His knowledge - except with whatever He wills. The dominance of His throne encompasses all the skies and the earth – and it never burdens Him in managing them – and He is the uppermost – The great.

There is no compulsion in God’s orderly way of life

2:256 There is no compulsion in the orderly way of life. Certainly it is now clear between the guidance from the wrong ones. Thus whoever denies the virtual idols and he believes with God alone – thus - indeed he holds with the strongest bond which can never be broken - for him. And God is listening – He is very conscious.

Those who believe in God alone will see the light - Those who follow idols are heading toward the darkness in this life and the hereafter

2:257 God is the protector of those who believe – He takes them out from injustice to the light. And those who disbelieve - their protectors are the virtual idols - they will take them out - from the light to injustices. They are the residence of the Fire – and they will abide in it forever.

Men can create life with right technology but they cannot change nature or God’s creation

2:258 Have you not noticed the one who challenged Abraham in his Lord – surely God had given him the authority when Abraham said to him, “My Lord is the one Who grants life and death”. He replied, “I too can give life and death”. Abraham said, “Surely my Lord brings with the sun from the East – therefore bring with it from the West”. Thus it stumped the disbeliever. And God will not guide the unjust community. 2:259 Or the example of the ones who passed over a township and it was ruined over their roofs - he said, “How did God revives this after everything was dead”? Thus God caused him to die one hundred years – then He resurrected him and He asked, “How long have you lasted”? He replied, “I lasted only one day or half a day”. He said, “Yes indeed you have lasted one hundred years – thus - look towards your food and drinks they never changed – and look at your donkey – and We make you a sign for mankind - and look at the bones on how We rearranged them, then We covered the flesh”. Thus as soon as it became apparent for him, he said, “I know - indeed God is over everything – in full control.

Everyone needs reassurance God’s power

2:260 And when Abraham said, “My Lord, show me how you resurrect the dead”. He replied, “Do you not believe”? He said, “Yes indeed, however, it will tranquil my heart”. He said, “Take four from the birds – thus make them docile to you – then – make over every mountains from them - apart – then call them – they will come to you immediately – and you should know – surely God is almighty – the Judge. Contribution in the path of God’s earns many folds

2:261 The example of those who contribute their wealth in the path of God – is like the example of a seed that grows seven stems. From each and every stem one hundred seeds – and God He multiplies for whoever He wills and God is bounteous – the knower. 2:262 Those who contribute their wealth in the path of God then they did not follow up what they have contributed by chattering – and without interference - for them – their reward is by their Lord – and there will be no fear on them – and they will not grieve.

Conspicuous words and to forgive is better than charity

2:263 Conspicuous words and forgiveness is better than charity followed by disorder - and God is very rich – very lenient. 2:264 O you who believe, do not annul your charity with the evocation and disorder like those who contributed their wealth to show off to the people - and they never believe with God and the day of the hereafter – thus – their example is like the smooth stones over them thin soils – consequently the heavy rain falls on it – thus it left them completely flat. They have no control over anything from whatever they do – and God – He will not guide the communities - who disbelieve. 2:265 And the example of those who contribute their wealth in seeking the pleasure of God and to reinforce their souls - is like a garden on high surface with heavy rainfalls on it – thus it produces its food twofold. Consequently if there is no heavy rain over it – thus light moisture is adequate. And God is with whatever your deeds are – watching. 2:266 Does anyone of you wish that he - for him a garden from the dates and grapes - flowing from beneath it – are the rivers for him. Inside it - there is every kind of grains - but he is stricken by old age whilst his progenies are weak – consequently he is stricken by a hurricane of fire – consequently - it burns them up. That is how God explains to you His signs - so that you may think. 2:267 O you who believe, contribute from the good things of whatever you have earned and from whatever We produced for you from the earth – and do not choose the worthless from it - as your contributions - whilst you will not accept them unless your eyes are closed in it. And let it be known – surely God is very rich – worthy of all praises. 2:268 The evil characters promise you poverty and it instructs you with committing wickedness – and God - He promised you forgiveness from He Himself - and also the grace – and God is abound – He knows everything.

There is nothing better than being endowed with the Wisdom

2:269 He endows the wisdom to whomever He wills – and those who are endowed the wisdom – thus – indeed he is endowed the good things in abundance. No one will reflect about it - except those who are intelligent. 2:270 And whatever you contributed from any contribution - or you pledged from any pledge – thus – indeed God knows about it – and there is nothing for those who are unjust – as of any helper. 2:271 If you display the charity – thus it is good – and if you conceal it and you give away to the needy – thus it is better for you – and He will remit over you from your wrongdoings – and God is with whatever your deeds are– very well acquainted.

Nobody can guide others except God Himself

2:272 It is not upon you to guide them – however it is God who guides whomever He wills – and whatever you contributed from the good things – thus it is for your own good – and you must not contribute unless you are seeking God’s presence - and whatever you contributed from the good things it will be repaid to you – and you will not suffer any injustice. 2:273 For those who are in need - they are obstructed in the path – and they are unable to function in the earth – it is assumed by those who are ignorant that they are rich - from the way they request – you can recognise them with their character - they never ask the people by demanding. And whatever you contribute from the good things - indeed God - it is with Him – the knowledge. 2:274 Those who contribute their wealth by nights and by day - secretly and openly – thus for them is the rewards by their Lord - and there shall be no fear upon them and they will never grieve.

Be committed to fair trading without excessive profits

2:275 Those who net from profiteering they are not aware except the way of those who are absorbed from the touch of the evil character. That is because they say, ‘Indeed it is a trade – like – making profits’. And God allows trading and He forbids profiteering – thus whoever had received the admonition from His Lord – consequently he stops – surely for him whatever the past - and his affairs will be to God. And whoever continues – thus they are the residents of the Fire - and they will abide therein forever. 2:276 God diminishes profiteering and He propagates charities – and God dislikes all those who disbelieve – continue in committing crime. 2:277 Indeed those who believe and do the deeds of righteousness and uphold their commitments and endow its purity – thus for them the rewards by their Lord – and there will be no fear on them and they will not grieve. 2:278 O you who believe – observe God and leave whatever balance from the profiteering – if you are really a sincere believer. 2:279 And if do not respond – thus you should know – an announcement prevails of a war - from God and His messengers – and if you are repentant – thus, for you is the basic (ro'usu) (2:196) of the your wealth – then it is just - and you will not suffer any injustice. 2:280 And if there is anyone having difficulties – thus allow it to postpone to a convenient time (mai-sa-rati) (2:219). And if you are charitable it is better for you – if you really know. 2:281 And observe the day at a time all of you within it – will go to God – then it will be repaid equitably to each individual self of whatever they did – and they will not suffer any injustice.

Credit or loan transactions are to be mutually agreed (4:29) and to commit them into writing

2:282 O you who believe – when you transact with a loan towards a fixed period – thus you shall write them down – and it should be recorded between you - write with fairness – and the person who records must not refuse to write the way he was taught by God – thus he should write it down - and it should be read by the person himself - upon him is the rights – and let him observe God - his Lord. And he should not overlook from it the details. And if anyone on him is the rights – but is mentally incompetent or is incapable for himself of reading – thus it should be read by his representatives with fairness – and it should be witnessed – two witnesses from your men (outsiders). And if two men are not available – then one man and both the wives (of the parties) from the persons you approved from the witnesses. If one of them forgets - the one may remind the other. The witnesses must not refuse when they are called – and you shall not neglect to write them down either the minor or major details towards its fixed period. This is more just by God – and it strengthens the purpose of witnessing - and it is ideal - as it will not raise any doubts – except in buying and selling by cash that you conduct between you. Therefore there is no offence on you for not writing them down. And it must be witnessed when you trade. And never cause any hardship to the writer nor the witnesses – and if you do – thus indeed the wickedness is with you – and observe God. And God teaches you with every single thing - He is very knowledgeable.
2:283 And if you are on assignments and you cannot get it recorded therefore place a deposit as security. Thus if you trust with each other – accordingly you must fulfil that is believed to be your undertaking – thus you shall observe God – your Lord. And do not conceal anything as a witness – and anyone who conceals anything – thus indeed he has wronged his own heart. And God is with whatever your deeds are – He is very knowledgeable.

A very important message to all mankind

2:284 For God belongs the skies and whatever there is in the earth – and if you express whatever within your own self or hide it - God makes you accountable with it – thus He forgives to whomever He will – and He punishes whoever He wills – and God is over every single thing - in full control.
2:285 The messenger believes with what was transmitted to him from his Lord. And those who sincerely believe - they believe with God and all the universal energies, and all His Books and all His messengers – they make no distinction between anyone from His messengers and they say, “We hear and we obey - please forgive us Our Lord – and to You we will return”.
2:286 God will not burden a self except the competence for him of whatever he does and - over him will be for whatever he did. “Our Lord – please do not condemn us in case we forget or we make any mistake. Our Lord – please do not burden on us the weight the way You burdened on those preceding us. Our Lord – please do not burden us with whatever we are incapable of - with it – and pardon us, and the forgive us, and have mercy for us – You are our only protector – thus, please help us over the disbelieving community".

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