Time immemorial

"And they claimed the Forces, which are serving the Al-Mighty, are females. Did they witnessed its creation? Hence it is recorded of their witnessing, and they shall be questioned."
Q 43:29

"Indeed those who are unfaithful at the End, evidently they assigned the Forces with female names"

And from His signs, the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. You shall not worship the sun, and neither the moon. And honor the God who created them, if you really serve Him only.
Q 41:37

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Kisses And Stones

Arab She-god


These days men are more cautious, or rather prudent when talking about their masculine dominance on Earth. They have learned to accept their feminine counterparts as equal, more so than before the days of the feminists movements of the '60s (the 2nd wave). The days of "It's a man's world" is diminishing and I think this is for the better. I, personally love women for who and what they are, and because, if not for my mother I might not even be around, metaphorically speaking.

The Creator sees to it that men treat them well and equal, and to love them as they should. This we see written in the Quran, and there is even a chapter -"An-Nissa", named after them. As such, I find them as being rather special, or is it because men have blundered in their pompous male arrogance that the Quran is needed to remind and put them in their proper place.

All said, it is amazing, however, that men actually adore women! In the sexual context, this goes without saying. What is even amazing, men has taken their love of women very religiously! They in fact worship them, and have taken a number of goddesses since way back in time no one could even remembers.

Venus, Aphrodite and Freya are examples of well known goddesses. Most if not all religion apparently are feminine-deity based, though some try not to reveal too much of 'her' (male chauvinism prevails). In the Catholic world, Mary is openly hailed to a point that her son, who was supposed to take center stage is side-lined. Mary qualified the deity status simply by being the mother of god!

I find this very confusing, though the family hierarchical order is correct, if you were to take that logic further and way back to when this all started...who then deserved the matriarchal , or patriarchal (if I may ask) post? And what happens to the guy who was born as god?

Hinduism too has a handful of female deities, and this feature has flowed down to the present Arabic religion. This is not at all surprising (to me) as the Arabs were (and still are) pagans and in fact were practising Hinduism. Their new adopted religion, which they named as "Islam" is a mixed of Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity. If one observes carefully, the rituals are Hinduistic, and the theology Judeo-Christianity.

The Arabs were worshiping female deities such as Allat, al-Manat and Uzza (Q53:19-20), and in fact these were akin to the Roman goddess Venus and Germanic goddess Freya (holy Friday is named after her). Today, this is portrayed in their 'Crescent n Star' symbol, the star being Allat, i.e. Venus, and the crescent as the Roman goddess Diana.

Hinduism is predominant in the Arab Hajj rituals, and similarities between them is uncanny, whereby the holy shrine (Kaaba) and the holy water (zam-zam, from the Sanskrit "gangga") formed the two famous Hindu holy trade marks. When the Arabs traded off paganism for monotheism, they were not too happy to let go of their she-deities, and hence devised a clever way and configured their new religion to incorporate their old beloved goddesses into the new one.

The Hindus were not happy to see this Arab transformation and battles were fought between the two groups. The Hajj ritual of throwing 7 pebbles towards a stone pillar (styled in the form of an erected penis) at Mina (see the video), is in fact an attestament of their hatred for the Shiva devotees, a sect in Hinduism that worship penis-shaped stone. This ritual symbolises defending the black vulva-shaped stoned named "hajar al-aswad" embedded in the cubic Kaaba from the attacking penis. So they kiss and embraced the "hajar al-aswad" as a sign of protecting her from her attacker.

The Arabs are actually, or rather unconsciously, lovers of women (besides their craving of anything stone), though this is not reflected in their daily and social lives where women are second-class citizens. Dumbfounded and confused they soon became, the Arabs even turned homo-sexual in their twisted belief that the normal practice of sex between man and woman reflects an infringement on women.

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Arab and his slaveEnlarged view of image

The madness of this all may have its impact in the feminine world in one way or another, and perhaps it was purely woman instinct that brought about the feminist movement of the '60s, which puts women back in their rightful position, whereby equality is the order of the day (the deen). Normal sex is the 'deen', and I surely in propriety, appreciate and adore my female counterparts, only falling short at idolising them.

So what one can observe in parts of the Hajj rituals, is the throwing of stones at the penis which is going for the vulva, which they are so fond of. After which, they kiss and embrace the vulva.

Ooh...all for the love of women...

"And they claimed the Forces, which are serving the Al-Mighty, are females. Did they witnessed its creation? Hence it is recorded if they witnessed, and they shall be questioned."
Q 43:29

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