Time immemorial

"Therefore, because they broke their agreement, We condemned them, and We hardened their hearts like rocks. They replaced the meaning of the words and they overlooked some of the reminders within. And you will always see among the betrayers except a little. Hence forgive them, and leave them, for indeed the God loves the good doers"

"And recall when your Lord informs that indeed He will send tyrants upon them on the truthful day with severe retribution. Verily, your Lord expedite the consequences, but also really, He is compassionate and forgiving."

"And you shall confront them. The God will punish them with your hands, and He will humiliate them, and He will assist you against them, and He will comfort the hearts of the faithfuls."

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Corruption Of The Quran


911 And The Arab Religion

After September 11 2001, the dignity of the Arab people was reduced to dusts pounded as fine as the rubbles of the fallen twin towers, while the status of their creed crumbled to ground zero^The recovery and memorial site of the destructed World Trade Center and the twin towers in New York. where the wrecks of the towers laid. They were accused for the attack, judged and still being punished until today for a crime that shocked America (not quite neccessarily the world), and brought fear on American soil then veered deeply into the soul of every American.

The world once labled Americans as "the Ugly Americans^This phrase is generally used for Americans abroad whose conducts were abhored by the locals. A book and a film of the same name was produced in 1958. But lately this term is reffered to the American Government, who is the ultimate Ugly Americans because of their outrages foreign policies. Click to read more> " because most, if not all the atrocities which happened in many countries across the earth were attributed to them, or rather specifically - the infamous CIA. The 911 incident also changed the Americans from plain 'ol ugly into "the Paranoid and still Ugly Americans". The Americans have since, turned paranoid of the very word 'Arab', and or anything synonymous with Arabs, especially the Arab religion.

Whatever the theory (and there are numerous) of that terrible incident, the world surely changed after that, and not because of any particular reason, except for the fact that anything and everything that affected the ugly Americans, they made sure that the rest of the world share it. Any country that tries to sterilise or quarantine herself from the 'American infection' would be considered a virus, or more misappropriately - 'terrorists'.

What everyone is not aware of, is that besides the political and military upsurge against anything or anyone that resembles an Arab, the Arab religion underwent a massive scrutiny and numerous criticisms. Its credibility as a religion of 'peace' is not only questioned, but in fact villified and invalidated. The devout Arab relegionist throughout the world scrambled and went beserk to defend its 'peace' status. Even as you are reading this, the Arab religion is still in a fixed dillema, and there seems to be no way out of this paradox.

How would and could they ever possibly reconcile the word 'peace' with all the violent acts of merciless killings, suicide bombers, kidnapping, the atrocious Talibans, Ben Laden and his trigger-happy Al-Qaeda gang, and of course not forgetting - Sadam? Nevertheless, the Arabs remain adamant in their stance and shout as loud as they can to the Americans and the world that their religion neither advocate, nor condone violence.

Putting their heads (turbans) together, soon after 911, the world is to become familiar with the terminologies "Extremist Muslims" and "Moderate Muslims". Using their media network like Al-Jazeera and others, all the Arab atrocities were reported as and presented to the world as the works of some 'extremists groups', and that the rest of the Arabs and her allies are really peaceful people and that they are as they termed it - the 'moderates'. Whilst this seems like a good PR strategy to re-subdivide themselves into extreme and moderate groups, after the major division of Sunni - Shiite, it proved to be futile. Instead of defragmenting, they increased the already badly fragmented Arab nations. Is that clever? Sooner or later, these new formed groups will be killing each other at the joy and amusements of their enemies, especially the CNN.

America and her allies are not perturbed by the Arab PR ploys and continue relentlessly with their "Anti-Terrorism" campaign. Adding salt to the wound, they took a step further with an ingenious plan i.e. to use the very Quran (English translations) against the Arabs by proving that violence indeed is evident in their 'holy^The devotees of the Arab religion treat the Quran as a compilation of mantras to be murmured during paganistic rituals. In the non-Arabic speaking world, they've been duped and programmed into merely chanting Arabic 'sounds' and turned into morons to reject messages within. Any questions should be reffered to and answered by the holy clowns!' book, and that they ARE violent desert barbarians! This is a great humiliation, and this is as promised by the God.

The corrupted translations, indeed reflect violence from a violent god. However, a true translation is devoid of this, and in fact religion is NOT in the Quranic vocabulary. In short when a person reads and studies the book, his paradigm would shift, and he would be transformed into a truly appreciative person, and observant of his/her Creator and His creations. He would absolutely be the total opposite of an Arab as a human being, not only in looks but more eminent - his mode of thinking, and definitely his way of life. He is a man at peace, and he experiences bliss (Muslim^The Arabic word 'Muslim' means people who are at peace with himself and His Creator. Contrary to the corrupted form of a person of the 'religion' of Islam).

Lets compare a corrupted (and violent) translation by Yusuf Ali (a popular and prominent translator) of verse 5 of Chapter At-Tawbah with a more approprite translation:

Dont't mind me and my words, anyone can check this out for himself. All you need is an Arabic copy with English transliteration (NOT translation). If you have some knowledge of the Arabic language that would certainly helps, but even if you have none, not to worry as there are abundance of tools on the internet like dictionaries, lexicon^The Lane's Lexicon is a great on-line Arabic - English dictionary for studying the Quran. Click here to go., or the concordance^The Quran Concordance by Hanna E. Kassis is another good tool for Quran study. to aid you. And don't forget, He is available 24/7 to help and guide anyone who is keen enough to find the truth.

This simple, but clever move by the devilish 'western alliance', using the corrupted translations of the Quran against the members of the "Axis of Evil" finally plugged-in the stopper unto the Arabs' gabs. Mind you, all the available corrupted translations of the Quran are all the works of the Arabs, or more precisely, scholars trained in Arabic by them. Surely they deserved whats coming, and ironically they've been hit with their own evil and wicked scheme. When you put a noose around your own neck, it made it easy for your foes to hang you.

For sure the Arabs and cohorts alike will never own up to corrupting the Quran. Owning up and repenting is, the ONLY route out of their present predicament, but because this would mean the dismantling^A review and re-translation of the Quran will reveal all the false teachings in the Arab religion and will cause its collapse. There is evidently no such rituals as the 5 daily prayers, the weekly Friday prayer, fasting, and the money making Haj pilgrimage. (and the end) of the lucrative Arab religion^The paganistic Haj and Umrah Festivals generate billions of dollars for the Saudi Royal family. This is more lucrative and enjoys sole propriety-ship than the oil business, which is not only competitive, but has other drawbacks like royalties sharing and attracting foreign interventions. Click to see the Haj statistics >> itself, so the chances of this happening are pretty remote. They are actually caught in their own trap and the choice is narrowed down to between the 'devil and the deep blue sea'...or, they'll forever be silenced...but filthy (literally) rich!

Imagine^To the tune of the late John Lennon's song :) there's no... Mecca...?!?

Congratulations to the God, the Keeper of all knowledge
(Al-hamdu lillah hirabbil alameen)