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"And you will not be able to be fair amongst the women even if you so desire. Therefore, you shall not be too bent, hence you keep it aloft. And if you portray amicability and self-restrain, thus the God is indeed forgiving and compassionate"
Q 4:129

"And when you divorce the women, hence when their time comes, hence persuade them gently, or let them go amicably. And you shall not captivate them to desolation intentionally. And whoever does that, indeed has darkened himself. And you shall not treat the words of the God as games and you shall remember the God's blessings upon you and all that He has given you in the Scripture, and wisdom, and what He has taught you with it, and observe the God, and know that the God is all-knowing"

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Polygamy In The Quran?

In the Arab religion thinking, man is supreme over woman. He is king of the house, king of the jungle, and king on earth ultimately. How they derive to this is anybody's guess. A woman practically has no rights whatsoever to anything, and in fact not even any rights to her own well being.

A woman is nothing more than a servant, to serve man's lusts both, sexually and gastronomically. She is to perform everything at his behest, otherwise she's doomed on earth and the hereafter eternally. This, the Arabs say is the order of the God (at least their god), and marrying more than one up to four simultaneously, is reckoned coming from the Quran in chapter Annisaa (4) verse 3. Thus, polygamy symbolises the male supremacy, and in their delight (the males) they marvel in this way of life and truly believe that the God has favored them over the fairer sex.

Upon studying the relevant verses in the Quran, what is revealed (not surprisingly) is NOT about polygamy, but rather, a guidance pertaining to the care and administration of the orphans and their inheritance, especially focussing on the female orphans. As females have been mistreated along the twisted male chauvinistic belief, a chapter is dedicated to women to bring back the Order^The Arabic word 'addeen' has been mistranslated as religion by all translators. Its real meaning is the Order (of things) (Deen). The corrected translation of the verses are as follows:

  • 4:1. O people, observe your Lord who created a person. And another he created of his spouse and He expands from both, more males and females. And observe the God who you constantly request to for the family. Indeed, the God, He cares for you.
  • 4:2. And hand over the orphans their inheritance, and you shall not exchange the bad for the good, and you shall not deposit their assets into your assets, for indeed that will be a great injustice.
  • 4:3. And if you fear that you are unable to mete out justness amongst the orphans, therefore mary them off from you. Of the females pairing in two, and in three, and in four. Hence if you fear about fairness, thus once and for all, your decision. That is to ensure you avoiding any misappropriation.
  • 4:4. And hand over the females their inheritance sincerely. Hence, if they are kind towards you, a personal portion from it, thus except it graciously.
  • 4:5. And you shall not hand to the immatured the inheritance, which the God entrusted you with. Spend it on them from it, and clothed them, and communicate with them properly. ..

What we see in the above corrected translation, is another corruption done to yet another subject in the Quran that have been mistranslated for their (the conspirators) own gains in producing false religious doctrines. Is there any line describing, or supporting polygamy anywhere there?

Its pertinent to note that all the subjects in the Quran address the people, both man and woman. When a particular subject begins with "Ya aiyuhan nas" (O people) as in the beginning of this chapter, the following "you's" in the chapter in context with the given subject are addressing the plural third-party 'all people - men and women'. So if they insist that this is a subject on polygamy, then it applies to both man and woman, i.e. polygamy is open to all. Now, how would the men like that?

Subjugation is the name of the game. Religion is one of two effective methods (the other is political) to enslave the people by putting fear in the hearts and minds of the people and applying God as the thrump card.

Moses was sent to deliver the Israelites^The Arabic word 'Israel' means people who are in captivity, or bondage. from the Pharoah^The Pharoah was a High Priest, and he was one of the most prolific pioneers of religion. who held them in religious bondage, and in fact the Pharoah even proclaimed himself god to the people. Jesus was sent to the Israelites for the same purpose to free them from the same religious bondage they were in. What is clear is that the people are either addicted to religious bondage, or they have actually learned to like religion and turned away each time a messenger comes to them.

The Quran's main purpose is to do exactly that, as it acts as the Criterion to discern the truth from false, but the conspirators soon suppressed the truth within by twisting every word contained therein in all available translations. In this case, the Quran specifically in chapter Annisaa, frees woman from her male bondage, which is being perpetuated in their sickened religious teachings. This essay will not delve into linguistic rules, and or semantics, but suffice to expose the conspiratorial nature of mistranslations, which perhaps would invoke the interest and desire in people to find out the truth when they find anything that seems amissed, and to verify everything they hear, or read for themselves...yes, only for oneself.


Men will be men, so they say. Its nothing unusual for a man to be chasing women, as in fact its a natural animalistic instinct for them to do so, and I think women find that rather amusing. However, no person (man or woman) likes the idea of sharing a beloved one with another, because it is totally unnatural and unacceptable to our basic instincts. To the Romeos, Valentinos, and playboys of the earth, conduct yourselves properly and gentlemanly, and above all...maintain responsibility.


However socially unacceptable the idea of polygamy is, its perpetration is rampant and is being practised everywhere and all over the world by every race through the ages, and its simply a social disorder which needs to be corrected through thorough proper education.

Equality between man and woman is a missing feature in every religion, and in the game of subjugation, females (constitutes about half the numbers in a given society) who are easy preys are unawaringly and automatically subjugated, and made the game pretty much easier for the conspirators.

All said, women themselves should buck up and stand up for their rights. Those who find themselves entrapped in this predicament, have only themselves to blame. The maxim "It takes two to tango" is very apt, and for many of them they walked through it with their eyes open, and only when it falls apart that they see the light, which by then is often too late.

Polygamy is a dirty word. It should not be condoned in any way. It is a violation of the natural social order and it does more harm than good to be of any good to society. One should not be swayed by justifications by people who promote it. It's fine to do anything one finds fanciful, and then finds another who agrees to participate, and then one be responsible for it. One does not need justifications, it could be out of lust, fun, or whatever as long as it is one's choice. But its not acceptable when one impose it on others, especially on religious grounds, when its not.

What the Arab religion advocates is totally reprihensible, and to say it is done in the name of God... is evil indeed.