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If you obey the majority of people on the Earth, they will divert you from the path of the God. They only follow conjecture, and they only guess

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"It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his NOT UNDERSTANDING IT"

Upton Sinclair

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The Muslims translate the word Al Camry in Chapter 2 Verse 219 as "Alcohol" and some say intoxicants". Although the word "Haram" or "forbidden" is not mentioned in any of the verses in the Quran when the word Al Camry appears they say it is "forbidden" to consume "Alcohol". The word Camry is used to refer to wine for inhabitants of Paradise 47:15.

It seems that Alcohol is an Arabic word. Though used extensively in the western world the word came from Arabia.

For the sunnis and shi'ite the word Al Cohol is just like Al Rahman or Al Raheem. It’s perfectly possible that they think Al Cohol could also be God’s name or attribute. Therefore it would be forbidden to consume God.

Its funny that in USA Toyota Camry cars are the best selling. Perhaps it’s a correlation to the number of drug abusers in USA. Perhaps drug/intoxicant/Al Cohol dealers all drive Toyota Camry’s.

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Mat visited his uncle Ray (who owns a Jeep) to show off the new set of white-walled tyres he has on his Jeep.

Mat: "Hey, uncle Ray...doesn't those tyres look great?"

Uncle Ray: "Sure does Mat, but they look soft and kinda flat. Shouldn't you pump up more air in them?"

Mat: "I don't think so, these are THE latest low-profiles, and they're supposed to look like that!"

Uncle Ray: "Hmm...anyway how much air did you put in them tyres?"

Mat: "23 psi. - according to the tyre guy"

Uncle Ray: "No wonder they are're supposed to fill in 33 psi."

Mat: "...well...I followed the tyre guy's instructions..."

Uncle Ray: "...well...the Jeep's manual says 33 psi. Now...who do you follow - the tyre guy, or THE 'manufacturer'?"

Mat: "...??!!.."

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An Inconvenient truth


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The Truth

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