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"The corruption is obvious on land and sea for what the people has caused with their hands, He made them face the consequences of some of their work, so that they return."

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"The Era of Procrastination, of Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays, is Coming to its Close.

In its Place We Are Entering a Period of Consequences."

Winston Churchill

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Corruption On Earth

Global Warming

Corruption on the Earth has come to a point of no return. The human beings have been and still are on the path of destruction with their evil deeds through their 'economic development' programs. To feed their insatiable appetite for material wealth and fortunes, they totally disregard the laws of creation to produce 'things' that are 'needed' to complement their materialistic life-styles.

In pursuit of these destructive economic endeavors, the environment is being polluted steadily from time immemorial, and sped up tremendously with the advent of the industrial revolution.

"And when they are told, "Do not spoil the Earth." They said, "Truly, we're only entreperneurs." Q2:12

Sir Winston Churchill in 1936 said, "...we are now Entering a Period of Consequences", which is so true today that the world is now experiencing global warming, which scientists attributed it as the main cause of the extreme climatic changes on Earth.

"The corruption is obvious on land and sea for what the people has caused with their hands, He made them face the consequences of some of their work, so that they return." Q30:41

Amongst the big culprits whose businesses have damaging impacts on the Earth and its environment are the giant oil companies like Exxon and Shell. Their processing and manufacturing plants, products and by-products e.g. fuels and plastics, and toxic wastes are all unquestionably damaging the land and sea.

What is appalling is that most of the people do not know of the seriousness of global warming and its devastating effects, although they read news of catastrophies on tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and etc., They are reticent, and choose to remain complacent of the scientific evidence behind all the seemingly 'natural' disasters. What is worst is that all the religion in the world are DEAFENINGLY silent on this grave issue. The Religionists are acting ignorant and naive of the underlying causes of the dramatic climatic changes and they see them only as 'Acts of God'

Why? Polluting the environment and thus destroying the Earth and everything on it are not evil deeds? Don't they know that they, the leading perpetrators of this crime-against-creation patronise their churches/synogouges/mosques/temples? Don't they have anything to say to them in the name of God?

Instead of warning them of the wrath of God and the consequences of destroying His creations, they sprinkle holy waters, and murmur blessings and mantras on these criminals, whom they look upon as heroes and elites of the world communities.

I say shame on the religionists, and damn the criminals.

What good is religion if it has nothing good to offer the people and the Earth? If a prayer is all that religion can offer the people in time of crisis, and leave everything to their little gods, then Disneyland is providing a much better reassuring lie and provides more fun and enjoyment as and when the disaster strikes!

In truth, it is only correct to say that the religionists have nothing to say about global warming because they know nothing of it. Even if they knew, they would belittle it. Religious knowledge is all about prayers, rituals, ceremonies and building houses for their little gods. Some, if not all are still geocentrics in their perspective of the universe, and look upon the scientists and astronomers as atheists, or un-godly. Remember Copernicus?

The late Carl Sagan said:

"It's been said that astronomy is a humbling, and, I might add, a character-building experience."

Religion does not produce such humility out of its followers, it only churns out conceit, and pompous arrogance.

The impending climatic crisis is not only the faults of the evil entrepreneurs, every each one of us is guilty and reponsible. We have in one way or another, contributed to the situation. We have a choice, either do nothing about it, or do something about it. It is a global concern, as we all live on this same planet called Earth. There are already many good men and women working on projects to lessen global warming, and we can all learn how to do something, or contribute in any way we can at their websites:

  1. Climate Crisis
  2. Climate Crisis Coalition
  3. Greenpeace

There is nothing worse than not-doing when you can.

"The people of Pharoah and others before them have also ignored God's signs. Consequently, God punished them for their evil deeds. The God is almighty, and strict in imposing retribution.

That is because God does not change the blessings He had bestowed on any people, unless they themselves change. God is all-hearing, all-kowing."
Q 8:52-53

This is not a political is Moral issue (Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth)