The Solar System

the heliocentric model in the Quran


Lying down looking up towards the skies, it would seem that (all the objects that could be seen with the naked eyes) the stars, planets, moon, and the sun are hovering and circling over the earth. This would make any one to think that the planet one is lying on - is stationery. That's the perception of everyone on planet Earth until the 16th century, that it is the center of the universe. This is described in astronomy as the geocentric model.

This is the stance and belief of most, if not everyone on Earth, until the 16th Century Copernican Revolution, which was to become the greatest Paradigm Shift in human history.

Today, after a long time even the staunchest geocentric proponent - the Catholic Church, relented, though quite unwillingly to the heliocentric model. It would be too embarassing to not to, or to argue with the scientific facts of the matter, given the advancement of space technology. These days nobody is ever heard to argue about the Solar System, and know that every object in this system orbits around the Sun.

"Glory to He who created in pairs to everything of the Earth's produce, and from themselves and from what they do not know. And a sign for them the night, which We striped it from the day, hence suddenly it's darkness. And the Sun moves in its own orbit, that is the configuration of the Amighty, the Knower. And the Moon, We've set the stages until it reverts to a crescent. It's improbable for the Sun to be going after the Moon, and as unlikely that the night be ahead of the day, and whilst they are each in their respective orbit." [Q 36:37-41]

"Its improbable for the Sun to be going after the Moon..." caught my eyes, which I immediately realised that this is the Arabic way of saying, "Its improbable for the Sun to go around, or circle the Moon". This clearly means the opposite, i.e. the Moon goes round, or circles the Sun. Without having to mention the Earth in that we all now know it...the moon orbits the Earth and both orbit the sun.


Copernicus, for all the wrong reasons might not have had the opportunity to read the Quran in his time, or maybe he did...we'll never know. Either way, its OK! His own observaions, and mathematical equations produced the same answer...the in the Quran.

Copernicus did not need the Quran on this matter, as all he needed to do was to 'read' His signs up in the skies:

"Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the Earth, the alteration of night and day, the ships that roam the sea for the benefit of mankind, the water that the God sends down to revive dead lands and spread all kinds of creatures therein, the manipulation of the winds, the clouds placed between the heavens and the Earth; indeed, all these are signs for those who think." [Q2:164]

Just as well Copernicus did not use the Quran as reference, cause he would have been bludgeoned to death by the Catholic Church, or the Gert Wilders of his time, and as it were, surely had suffered enough.

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