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Looking at creation


In the search for truth, and in trying to make sense of our existence and creation, religion was thought to be fundemantal in directing mankind towards achieving the ideal orderly way of life, co-existing harmoniously between humans. Supposedly, it promises man a life of bliss in a world of peace, love, happiness and everything good. But, looking at the present state of the world, the scenario isn't anywhere near what's promised as we see man deteriorates rapidly into decadence from corruptions, crimes, materialism, and hedonism interspersed with catastrophic bloody wars.

Religion, all religions have failed to produce even the tiniest bit of the ideal picture they advocate and what they have offered (the devotees) thus far is only a shoe string called 'hope', misleading them on towards false idealisms and making-believe that their sufferings is a good thing, and the more one suffers the better it is, because the road to God's Kingdom isn't an easy one. All the miseries of the world are nothing but challenges. So much so, if you drive recklessly and overturned the car and land yourself in the hospital if you didn't die from it, its called an "accident" as its not your fault as fate has got a lot to do with it, or religious-wise, probably you're being punished for your previous sins. Its nothing to do with any law of physics...and what has science got to do with religion anyway.

Man's progress and development, and technological advances on the Earth came through his study and observations of the creation in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy but never from theology. Whilst the sciences have tremendously improve man's ability and capability, religion has so far only pushed him further into inability and incapability, and to be be fully dependant on hope and prayers, and remaining steadfast and subservient to the manipulative clerical gangsters, charging the intoxicated devotees towards jihad and suicides.

"It is important that mankind accept the responsibility that they have allowed themselves to be duped and misled over thousands of years to be the slaves and toys of those who would control them. The plan to hold them in this deplorable condition has been one carefully implemented since man has been allowed to "rule himself". That these human rulers were/are carefully controlled is absolutely true. By absenting themselves, the true rulers have hidden their influence behind blind faith augmented by cruel punishment for disobedience meted out by "a God of love". The paradox of this claim has kept mankind in a constant turmoil and exactly where it was planned that they be." - Embracing The Rainbow

Moving Ahead

Moving ahead, we'll delve in the discoveries of science expanding and improving our knowledge about our very own creation and everything around us. In doing so we may get to know better the Creator and His creations, and make better sense and purpose of our existence. Most importantly - to break all the bondages religion had upon us, to become human again, and free to savour all the goodness creation has to offer.

We will not be taking a linear approach, or taking the proverbial 20 steps to happiness. Its an open road to more information, logical and scientific if we may say. One thing remains, all information leading to change will be kept in tune, in reference to the Quran. We believe the Quran contains all the basic information and guidance to everything there is in the creation. Observing through the sciences, in our opinion will give us a clearer and wider picture of all there is (for us) to know.

As the creation is vast (from our tiny stand point) and varied by itself, we might want to look at the various creations mentioned in the Quran. The Skies and the Earth, Sun, Moon and the planets, or the Universe as we generalzed them is mentioned numerously, and perhaps that's where we'll begin with.

"Such is the God, your Lord. There is no god except He, the Creator of all things. Therefore, serve Him only, and He represents everything. No vision can ever encompass Him, while He encompasses all vision. He is the Compassionate, the Cognizant"
(Q6: 102-103)

"Indeed your Lord is the God, who created the Universe and the Earth in six days (relative), then assumed authority of the Throne. He covers the night, the day follows with persistence, and the Sun, and the Moon, and the planets are subservient to His commands. Hearkens, to Him all creations and ruling. Most exalted is the God, Master of the Existence." (Q7:54)

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