Time immemorial

"He has programmed for you from the Order what He has willed with it Noah, and which We inspired you, and what We willed with it Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. You shall uphold the Order, and do not you be divided therein. Most difficult upon the infidels what you call them to. For the God, He choses towards Him whomever He wills, and He guides towards Him those who return."
(Q 42:13)

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Carl Sagan
"The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what's true."

Carl Sagan


Firefox 2

We are not implying to you that we posses the abundance of the God, and certainly we have no knowledge of the unseen, and neither are we suggesting to you that we have any authority. We follow only what has been revealed to us. The blind and the sighted aren't the same. Shouldn't you then think?

"And no one could attain fidelity, except by the grace of the God and (He) would place filth on those who do not think" (Q.10:100)

May the Lord guides us all, and we seek His forgiveness when we falter.

This is not about religion...this is about truth.

The truth shall prevail

Mental Bondage In The Name Of God

Argues that:

Mental Bondage

"Almost two billion people are in bondage to the idea that suffering is to be used by them to better themselves, and to purify their souls. One whole religion is built upon this belief, asserting that all beings have been saved by the suffering of one being, who died for the sins of the rest..."

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Current Issues

Corruption On Earth

The current financial turmoil is due to corrupted governments and system. Corrupted politicians, businessmen, bankers, and greed is the cause of the predicament the world is in, and the fall of the financial system, which is usurious is inevitable.

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Haj Rituals

Now that the Ramadan period is over, the devotees of the Arab religion throughout the world will go in throngs to Mecca to perform the Hinduistic pilgrimage.

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Pray In Space?

Malaysia, wherein the Malays are the majority race, came out with a neat booklet on "How To Pray In Space".

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Kisses And Stones

The Arabs are fond of stones that they kiss and embrace them. But they also throw stones at a certain stone. Why?

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The Man-made Religion


Islam has been misinterpreted many times over - eversince time immemorial. This is evident in the Quran (ali-Imran, verse 19).

Yes, they do say 'Islam' is peace, but what many do not realise is the obscurity surrounding this word, which has fooled the people for ages and that the conspirators have successfully turned it into a brand name for a religion (not ordained by the God).

"They have taken their priests and rabbis as lords besides the God, as well as Christ the son of Mary. They were commanded not to serve, but the one God; there is no god except He, much too glorious to have partners".

It is important that mankind accept the responsibility that they have allowed themselves to be duped and misled over thousands of years to be the slaves and toys of those who would control them. The plan to hold them in this deplorable condition has been one carefully implemented since man has been allowed to "rule himself". That these human rulers were/are carefully controlled is absolutely true. By absenting themselves, the true rulers have hidden their influence behind blind faith augmented by cruel punishment for disobedience meted out by "a God of love". The paradox of this claim has kept mankind in a constant turmoil and exactly where it was planned that they be.

Its time to move on to the New Paradigm.

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